Digital transformation begins with reimagining your value propositions and customer engagements

The landscape of customer preferences, value definition, prioritization, buying behavior, usage, and repeat purchases has undergone significant shifts. Indeed, the very definition of what your market is has changed. The replacement of physical engagement with a digital engagement adds to the mystery- companies are often left guessing.

Our data shows us that less than 15% of companies understand this paradigm shift and are able to successfully reimagine their value propositions and deliver them through truly outstanding products and services.

What do next generation products and service platforms look like?

Companies with Products and Services that deliver the highest 'return on time invested' or ROTI will become customer favorites and ever lasting

Performance and Productivity Enhancements Enabled by RPA

Leverage two decades of Silicon Valley experience in innovation

We’ve been in the Silicon Valley for 20 years working with the most innovative giants and start-ups alike. Whether you are from the high-tech industry or from insurance, banking, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, services, consumer products or fast foods- you have the benefit of our experience in the cradle of digital innovation.

Amazon acquires Athena Federated Query IP from Trianz

Time to market is everything in digital transformations. In order to accelerate the delivery of Analytics, Trianz took a pioneering approach. We decided to decouple migration or physical unification of data from the main goal of building analytics. Therefore, instead of taking data to the cloud- we decided to bring the cloud to data.

Trianz connected Amazon’s powerful federated data querying platform- Athena with data sources anywhere on the planet. We built custom connectors from AWS to databases such as Oracle, Terradata, SAP Hana, Mainframe DB2, Sybase and many more. Trianz Athena connectors are able to query millions of rows of data from disparate sources and join them on the Athena platform for generating powerful insights.

In the first quarter of 2022, Trianz announced the acquisition of this IP by AWS. Since their launch in April 2022, over 700 AWS customers have deployed these connectors and have accelerated their analytics life cycles.

We will help you build outstanding tech-enabled products, services and experiences

Trianz brings capabilities spanning the full life cycle of digital products and service applications engineering across various technology stacks.

Software Product & Platform Strategy

Software Product & Platform Strategy

Experience-driven and value-focused approach to define and execute the digital products and platform strategy to help businesses gain a competitive edge and accelerate their transformation efforts

  • Product and Service Conceptualization

  • Product Modernization Strategy

  • Connected Eco-System Strategy

  • Technology Strategy

  • Rapid R&D and Prototyping

Products & Platform Engineering

Products & Platform Engineering

A comprehensive suite of cloud-centric services to engineer next-generation digital products and platforms that can deliver a reimagined experience to all stakeholders

  • Application Architecture & Designs

  • Cloud Migration and Modernization

  • Cloud Native and SaaSification of Products

Product Testing

Product Testing

Enabling businesses with the highest quality of workflows and applications to deliver impeccable use experience across platforms and channels

  • End-to-End Platform Testing

  • Performance and Integration Testing

  • Automation and DevOps

Product Extension, Sustenance, and Support

Product Extension, Sustenance, and Support

Extend and augment the product life, quality, and experience of legacy products and systems to support evolving business needs

  • Tech Support for Customers

  • Feature Extension

  • Product Enhancements

We combine bleeding edge cloud, analytics and digital experience competencies to build great products

We partner with clients in a range of models from taking full ownership to engineering the product or service platform to building scaled co-engineering models. In all these engagements, Trianz brings cutting edge approaches, teams and skills, problem solving capabilities and an agile engineering model that combines multiple technical competencies.

Building the connected ecosystem for AWS

Trianz has specifically developed AWS Glue data connectors, now available on AWS Glue Marketplace, to simplify the cloud ETL process and improve data integration across platforms. These spark-based high-performance connectors are up to 20-50x faster than other traditional connectors and have the potential to transform how businesses handle data integration. Trianz team offers managed support and enhancements, and integration with the wider data and analytics ecosystem to help customers achieve their business goals faster.

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