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In today’s technology-driven consumer landscape, expectations for digital convenience are at an all-time high. Downtime, once accepted as a ritual inconvenience, is now viewed as inexcusable offense.

It’s simple: uptime equals happy users. That’s why reliable application hosting is a crucial business requirement in this modern online climate. Below are just a few of the benefits Trianz can make sure you are enjoying thanks to exceptional app hosting:

  • Reduced long-term costs: When applications are hosted off-premises, there is usually no need to license software on a “per concurrent user,” “per server,” “per site, or “per use” basis.

  • Lower maintenance: Why take on the entire maintenance burden yourself when you have bigger fish to fry. Lean on third-party app providers and managed service providers like Trianz to keep the cylinders clean.

  • Less risk: Thanks to pay-as-you-go and free-trial models, it makes sense to switch to third-party apps for at least a portion of your applications. Our experts can advise you on the best strategy to take in this regard.

  • Easier-to-access: Cloud stands for anywhere, anytime and that may be the greatest advantage in today’s professional world where “global,” “24/7,” and “remote” are the new paradigms.

  • Easier-to-integrate: Speed-of-deployment is a game changer, with fluid integration as the key. Working with a trusted management consulting firm such as Trianz for app hosting and support can ensure this point.

With your users demanding near-perfection from your apps, Trianz is your ideal partner to meet their expectations. Here are just a few of the ways Trianz consultants can support you in your endeavor to achieve an impeccable app landscape:

  • Hosting: We only work with the most reliable app hosting available to enterprises, for whom there is no excuse for downtime.

  • Support: We are used to working in hybrid environments, and can execute the perfect balance of automated and human support systems to make sure your users and employees have 24/7, rapid support.

  • Maintenance: At Trianz, we are big proponents of predictive maintenance and app intelligence (Application Performance Management). These can be the differencemakers for your systems.

  • Enhanced Performance: Your application landscape should always be evolving via shortterm and long-term continuous improvement plans. Our consultants will show you how to replace bugs with permanent enhancements and user experience gaps with valuable features.

Trianz accomplishes all of the above by leveraging our multidisciplinary teams’ vast technical and business experience. Our holistic, big-picture approach results in strategic initiatives, often over-delivering in terms of business results, while meeting the traditional project metrics of hosting and supporting a high-performance application landscape.

We not only help reduce the overall time involved, but also improve business productivity and efficiency.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to help!

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The team at Trianz worked tirelessly to propose a system that overcame our business challenges. Rising to the occasion, they simplified our processes, enhanced the system and increased productivity. There’s no doubt; our ongoing success was enabled by our partnership with Trianz.


A Leading Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance Provider

Trianz commitment to taking end-to-end ownership of developing the e-commerce web app is exemplary. Their dedicated involvement was key to us garnering the advantages of automated test suite development and manual testing

VP of Marketing

Global Storage Systems And Data Management Company

Trianz proved to be our ‘Partner of Choice’ –not only for increasing productivity from workflow automation, but also for removing redundancy/duplication and increasing transparency between groups.

VP of Partnerships

A Large Life Insurance Company In The US


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