Uncomplicate operations management for your IT department with application management.

Benefit from our application management consulting services to maximize performance accessibility and reliability

Modern enterprises need to keep up with advancements in the IT industry to stay relevant. With the emergence of new technologies and paradigm shifts, the ability to continuously integrate and upgrade applications on your network will be vital to long-term success.

Our application management consulting approach combines the best aspects of both, modern tools and cloud-native IT practices, leveraging the power of DevOps, Cloud, Agile Development, Automation and AIOps. We incorporate these IT practices into our application management consulting services to maximize the performance accessibility and reliability of your business applications.

With the prevalence of modern heterogeneous cloud deployments, it is highly unlikely to find a business using software applications from a single vendor. The beauty of the cloud comes in the form of seamless integration between various independent software vendor (ISV) applications. With so many tools being concurrently used, the complexity of updating and maintaining each piece of software will grow, complicating operations management for your IT department.

Application performance and DevOps

To overcome this problem, you can use the application performance management (APM) tool, which allows you to monitor and configure your applications from a single unified management dashboard, streamlining DevOps workflows for your IT department.

APM offers a variety of benefits when it comes to DevOps such as:

  • High-level application overviews – An APM tool will allow you to comprehensively analyze your underlying application infrastructure and identifying performance bottlenecks and architectural incompatibilities that may harm your performance. With DevOps, the mean time to remediation (MTTR) with software bugs can be significantly reduced as you can efficiently trace application errors through your network, right down to the individual user.

  • Better upgrade planning – With a high-level overview of your infrastructure, you can also assess its capacity for new features before deployment. This will allow you to determine any new computing resources you may need and thus the fiscal impact of adding new features. Understanding these cost implications will show a deep understanding of your project requirements, aiding your business case for new feature development.

Cloud application management

Cloud platforms have become the industry standard for infrastructure hosting, thanks to on-demand access to computing resources and predictable monthly billing. Also, cloud-native application management integrations make multi-cloud infrastructure models feasible, allowing you to mix and match the best attributes of various cloud platforms.

Simplify application management with microservices

With application management, it is possible to separate collective services into microservices to streamline application development and management workflows. With microservices, you can reduce application dependencies by splitting core functions into smaller modules. This means that if a networking problem occurs, you simply kill the related networking microservice, rather than the entire application to maintain service delivery.

Increase architectural resilience with APM

An APM tool can perform constant infrastructure discovery functions on your network, identifying relationships between your various applications and servers and uncovering dependencies. You can use this information to identify business-critical co-dependent services on your network, making backup infrastructure available for failover to increase resilience when faced with a service outage.

Simplify your application management with Trianz

Trianz is a leading IT services firm with decades of experience helping clients overcome application management pitfalls. We have partnered with several industry leading application platforms to offer expert assessment and implementation services for these platforms to maximize the availability and performance of your business applications.

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