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There is a great deal that goes into crafting a reliable e-commerce plan. Marketing, sales, logistics, analytics, customer service—these are just some of the important areas that require the full attention of digital retailers. It’s true: you will need to do many things well as part of your success formula. And balancing your efforts between these different areas will be your key to becoming a digital champion of the online marketplace.

Fortunately , there are some great comprehensive e-commerce platforms available to you—Magento, SAP Hybris, BigCommerce, etc. These all-in-one solutions have been designed to simplify the winning equation for companies who move goods and services online. But if you are following the same recipe as everyone else, how will you stand out? What will define the edge that separates you from the competition?

Our conviction is that you can do everything by the book, use all the best tools, but ultimately what will set you apart are these three areas:

  • Customization: tailor the platform to your business customers

  • Omnichannel mastery: cross-channel content, mobile applications, etc.

  • Customer and user experience

Our Expertise

We will customize digital retail solutions to deliver the best business results for your company. Over the past decade supporting our large clients across many industries, we have mastered the following areas of online retail:

E-commerce development: We have earned our reputation for developing innovative, feature-rich and powerfully effective e-commerce experiences for our clients. While we strive for incredible user experience, we never do so by compromising security or scalability.

Omnichannel strategy: No matter which domain you are in, we predict that an omnichannel marketing strategy will be crucial to your success. We can support you in structuring brand delivery across multiple physical and digital channels to ensure there are no gaps between your customers’ needs and your company’s promises.

Customer journey & experience mapping: Our consultants can help you interpret user insights via the art of mapping. Understanding the customer journey is key to delivering customer satisfaction. Our workshops and exercises on this subject have been refined over many years of providing such services to our clients, both big and small.

Customer experience strategy & consulting: Customer experience, for us, is at the heart of e-commerce success. It’s much more than developing solid UI/UX—it’s an extension of your company’s culture and how you view your purpose in serving your customers. Our consultants can guide you through every aspect of the customer experience process - from strategy to web and mobile development to customer service practices.

Content and personalization: Digital content is your brand’s voice, yet how many brands even know what their voice is? Our consultants can be your brand’s sounding board. We will hold workshops with your creative teams to devise a unique and powerful brand statement that speaks to who you are, what you do, and how you want to reach your customers. Beyond this first step, we will help you capture this voice via a distinct marketing approach that is consistent across all mediums that resonates personally with your target audience.

Mobile strategy: We have extensive experience when it comes to developing feature-rich native mobile applications that hook users. Before our developers get to work, our strategist will work with your teams to devise the right vision and roadmap to achieve the business outcomes you have in mind.

Ecommerce platform development

Your IT systems will be the driving force of ecommerce when delivering your online services to customers. Our consultants can guide you through various software modules you can leverage to run and grow your business:

  • E-commerce APIs – These application programming interfaces (APIs) allow for seamless integration between your various software tools, including analytics software, payment gateways, CMS and B2C communications software.

  • Database management – Everything on your website will need to be referenced from a database, including individual products and prices, customer information, live and historical transactions, and more. This is vital for updating product stock levels, delivering website content through a CMS and offering persistent web experiences for customers that eliminate the need for reinputting information during the transaction process.

  • Middleware – Middleware acts as an intermediary layer between all the IT systems that you use to deliver ecommerce experiences. The basic premise is that the middleware orchestrates communications between all of these modules, omitting the need for direct contact. This reduces network bandwidth requirements and comes with the added benefit of centralizing communications, making it easier to analyze data and gain insight.

  • Payment gateways – Perhaps the most crucial aspect of ecommerce is choosing the right payment gateway. With sensitive financial information being processed through these gateways, you need to ensure they are correctly configured and achieve compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA and PCI-DSS.


All software modules run on server hardware, delivering your ecommerce experience to customers. Our experts will ensure you have the optimal setup. This includes:

  • Website hosting servers – These servers host your website, delivering content to your customers over the internet. You can host a website through on-premise infrastructure or by using the public cloud.

  • Database server – This server will host databases containing the vital information you need to run your website. Most databases are now run in the cloud, thanks to the low storage costs offered by cloud providers. One option when hosting a database is serverless compute clusters, which automatically scale as your datasets grow and only bill you for the resources you use.

Why Trianz?

Our expert team of ecommerce consultants assess all these aspects and more to help you build a solid foundation for sustainable growth into the future. We emphasize on data compliance and service accessibility to give your customers peace of mind when using your digital services.

With those two fundamentals catered for, we can then work with you to implement industry-leading tools and infrastructure to deliver intuitive and compelling digital experiences that your end-users will enjoy. Schedule a consultation today!

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