Create a seamless software and hardware environment.

Leverage Trianz’s enterprise integration services to improve the efficiency and capability of your IT systems

Your enterprise software toolset has grown in the last decade, years and even months. And so has the complexity of managing these tools—not to mention the divide between your modern solutions and the legacy systems that are not easily replaced.

Without a centralized method for managing your software, this complexity and disparity can quickly spiral out of control. Our experts have the capability to navigate these choppy waters.

Why do you need to act now ?

Through decades of close collaboration with our clients, we have found that redressing enterprise integration shortcomings is often the first step towards improving the overall efficiency and capability of your IT systems.

With heterogeneous IT infrastructures becoming more commonplace, there has never been a better time to integrate your systems and software. Hybrid and multi-cloud environments call for unified and centralized management to operate efficiently. Adding software into the mix makes integration a mandatory endeavor if you want to be on top of general IT operations management.

Our expertise

  • We have extensive knowledge of all industry-leading platforms like ServiceNow, Snowflake, Looker, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Informatica used by most enterprises.

  • Mastery of legacy integration: One of our most in-demand services is integrating legacy assets that use proprietary products to central back-office systems. We have made it affordable and easy for you.

  • A proven track record: Over the past decade, we have saved our clients millions of dollars annually in third-party licensing.

End-to-end integration with existing systems

Through a comprehensive pre-assessment, we can identify common integration pitfalls before resolving those issues to streamline, both inter-system and interdepartmental communications across your business.

With enterprise integration, every aspect of your infrastructure must be combed through. From cloud-native database instances, down to your internal communications tools, everything can be integrated to maximize insight visibility and minimize accessibility bottlenecks for your employees. When it comes to operations management, a single unified management interface will greatly simplify administration workloads for your IT team, freeing up time for development rather than fighting fires.

Trianz is a full-service provider for enterprise integration and expertly leverages the following approaches:

  • APIs for integration – We have partnered with enterprise integration platforms such as ServiceNow, which come with a large selection of integration kits. These offer seamless integrations and easy implementation through their REST and SOAP APIs that adhere to the OpenAPI 3.0 specification.

  • Device and software management – Keeping track of your numerous hardware assets can be a tricky task. We leverage asset management to offer automatic network scanning for identifying devices and populating a centralized asset registry from which you can easily manage your hardware devices. We can also set you up with license management backed by visualized analytics to better understand application performance against KPIs.

Contact us to find out how you can merge the old era with the new to create a seamless software and hardware environment.

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