When you equip your field agents with the best tools, your customers receive the best service.

Take advantage of our field service management expertise to give more power to your field agents

Technology is becoming nimbler and more practical to use beyond the confines of the office space. Today’s modern devices follow us wherever we need to go. But how do you know you are providing your mobile fleets, field agents, or traveling sales teams the best set of tools for the job?

We know a thing or two about the mobile workforce. We are one. Our methodology when it comes to field service applications has been perfected in the hands of not just our clients, but in our own as well.

Our service approach starts with strategy, but it doesn’t end there. After research and interaction phases, we will work closely with you through design and software execution as well as help you set up an ongoing maintenance plan. We aim to make your off-site teams more connected and empowered than you ever thought possible.

The Trianz way of optimizing field service management

Field Service Management is an area that is close to our hearts as the technologies in this space are in a constant state of innovation. Depending on your industry and the role your mobile teams play within your company, here are some of the specific measures we take to better connect your field agents:

  • Exploiting field service software to optimize service calls

  • Leveraging the best of mobile technology

  • Tracking field service level agreements

  • Setting up field service self-portals

  • Using metrics to improve efficiency and profitability

  • Implementing a field service management system

There is much to do when it comes to field service applications, technology and management. And because we have worked with numerous other clients, we already know what works and what doesn’t. Our constant presence at the forefront of this field helps us keep a tab on the next game-changing innovation.

How field service management is changing

Like everything else in business, field services are just trying to keep up with the technology. At this point, field service applications are no longer a nice-to-have; they are vital to the success of any field service operation. If you don’t have the right solutions in place for your field teams, you can bet that more than one of your competitors does.

Applications for field services incorporate everything from virtual and augmented reality technology to IoT to AI-driven inventory control, fleet management and communication centered on real-time inventory data and service needs. If you haven’t adopted at least one of these technologies by now, you are already a step behind.

Why Trianz?

When working with our clients to optimize their field service applications, we always have the following goals in mind:

  • Make communication as instantaneous and interruption-free as possible

  • Establish a method of capturing real-time data to the benefit of real-time customer needs

  • Harness the power of analytics-driven customer insights using customer feedback management applications

  • Optimize video conferencing solutions for the field

  • Automate and document service calls

  • Shave costs across operations, but especially by improving agents’ ability to get the job done in less time and on their first attempt

  • Select the best digital devices to accomplish all of the above

We have been in the business of digital transformation for over a decade. Our experts are technology-centered but business first—and we’ll put your business first if you choose us as your partner in field service applications. Get in touch today!

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