Increase sales effectiveness and efficiency with digitalized sales operations

The sales landscape has never been so complex. Consumers are no longer bound to the traditional, linear sales cycle. Empowered by instant access to information, guidance from online communities, and more options than ever before, buyers are more apt to try new products, test options for agile upstarts, and change direction in the sales journey. Your Chief Sales Officers (CSOs), therefore, need advanced digital systems and coordinated support staff to build effective sales operations strategies that leverage these complex, multi-faceted, and multi-channel cycles.

Trianz’ Sales Operations Digitalization consultants help your sales organizations reach potential customers, convert opportunities to wins, and drive and monitor sales effectiveness with a data-driven culture and smart connected systems. We help you maintain your sales force efficiency and competitiveness by integrating new, more effective imperatives with your existing CRM systems. Our digitalization teams bring meaningful differentiated insights to your sales teams on their mix of prospective customers and the right activities that deliver success. Reach out to us to know how we can help you build an agile, responsive, and effective sales force.

Transformational effects

  • Improved revenue planning and forecasting
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Improved sales effectiveness and efficiency
  • Customer acquisition, retention, and growth
  • Revenue growth and profit optimization

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

Enabling technologies and processes

Tools for sales analytics

  • Google

  • LinkedIn

  • Microsoft

  • Oracle

  • Optimizely


  • Slack


Enabling processes

  • Sales force automation solutions

  • Content management

  • Configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ)

  • Decision support

  • Predictive analytics

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