Give your users a seamless experience with custom apps and portals.

The world of cloud computing has changed how we interact with technology. Gone are the legacy applications of old, paving the way for modern web apps and self-service portals. If your users’ experience has been lacking on either the employee or customer side, there has never been a better time to upgrade than now.

Our developers will customize tools based on the strategy determined in collaboration with our consulting team. The cloud and browser-based solutions we create for you will have all the benefits of a downloadable desktop program without the need for installation, location dependence, or complicated configuration, tutorials, and licensing agreements.

We build seamless interactions that are instantly accessible and intuitively adopted by your users. The best part is they can be 100% tailored to your vision. The results are an increased speed of exchange for all your communication and transactions, higher productivity for your internal teams, improved conversion rates and enhanced user satisfaction.

Our approach

The solutions we develop for your company will enable you to deliver consistent web experiences over the internet through the powerful HTML5 web standard. This device-agnostic approach means that any person, on any device, can access and use your web apps and portals whenever they want. What this means for you is a newfound level of convenience and accessibility that will drive business growth.

It doesn’t matter if you are a software-oriented company or not. In today’s digital age, any organization, of any size or industry, has the means to develop their own proprietary tools with the help of third-party developers and consultants. This is thanks to the streamlined and affordable manner in which firms like Trianz are able to operate using modern techniques and technology.

Work with us and you’ll discover our ability to build cross-platform custom web apps and portals that are:

  • Lightweight

  • Cost-effective

  • Developed rapidly

  • Cross-platform

  • Takes minimum time to install

  • Simple to maintain

  • Developed using the latest technology and methods

Benefits include:

  • Standardized employee and end-user experiences – We push to implement industry-leading solutions that offer both, excellent performance and promote brand consistency for your business. We promise powerful and feature-rich apps and portals with minimal barriers to entry.

  • Location-agnostic accessibility – With web applications by Trianz, you have the freedom to access your digital services from any location you desire, thanks to location-agnostic solutions. We promise reduced latency and improved performance.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 – We’ll enable you to offer always-on service delivery to employees and end-users, which will in turn, enhance accessibility to your digital services.

  • Continuous development and maintenance – With web applications, you have the freedom to iterate and implement changes to your services faster. Testing is streamlined with throwaway server instances and failovers can be made in minutes instead of hours or days.

Why Trianz?

Trianz is a leading IT consulting firm with over a decade of experience in helping clients to develop and implement best-of-breed IT solutions. With the rise of cloud computing, there is now an excellent foundation to build rich digital web experiences.

We will work closely with you to assess your business objectives before bringing in our consulting expertise and industry knowledge to curate the best solution for your enterprise. With Trianz, you can leverage the potential of the cloud and digital and start delivering consistent and performant services to your end-users, giving you a competitive advantage. Book a consultation today!

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