Enterprise (B2B) customer journey map


  • 6 Weeks, 2021

Our Services

  • User Research

  • Product strategy workshop

  • Journey mapping

Problem statement

CIO of a Fortune company asked us to help with understanding experience of customers who used digital applications built by IT department. As a leader it was unknown how the users felt while using various products and services built over the years. Moreover as a company we were requested to identify opportunities and give recommendations that will help with 2 things - make customers happy and increase business impact.

User quotes

When my training platform stops working, then I have to call IT to help me refresh the training modules so it can be reset for a new employee. I shouldn’t have to call IT so they have to tell me to clear cookies for the app to work properly.

Training and Development Employee

We are always on the move, on the floor, we need information that is consumable in small format. Videos are amazing to understand something fast than read a long text. Need short-form media for today’s generation

Field Worker

Our process

Qualitative user research

Gather existing customer data, conduct primary research to shape current state journey map. Then determine user goals at each stage, apps used at what point and difficulty using them.

Identify archetypes

Based on user research, identify archetypes that exhibit unique needs and follow different journeys. Know that which experiences are pervasive vs. localized to special scenarios.

Visualize the journey

Plot users’ behaviors, actions and feelings within each journey phases. Capture users’ pain-points, successes and motivations to express their sentiment across the board.

Create customer-first strategy

Discuss which pain-points along the journey map will provide biggest business impact if they were solved. Turn pain-points into problem statements and opportunity to innovate and fund projects.


We found all new customers applying through the website were getting lost, financial documents were being shared through email, contracts were hard to find through multiple revisions, and changes in corporate policies were hard to keep track of. We prioritized these problems and held ideation sessions. These ideas were then funded and used to get alignment from various business owners that previously operated in silos. We cut new customer qualification time from 2 weeks to 2 days, a document center removed 100 emails/month and a mobile first portal to keep customers up to date on urgent updates.

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