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Trianz’s Salesforce Accelerators

Our Salesforce accelerators were designed to help our clients tackle a variety of use cases quickly and efficiently. Whether you need help with testing, purging, assessing performance, automation or your AppExchange deployment, Trianz can enhance the capabilities of your Salesforce platform.

LWC Component Deployment Accelerator

Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC) are custom web elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. Salesforce LWCs are designed for use within a UI framework. LWCs simplify the creation of custom UI components using standardization. This drives greater consistency of performance, reliability, as well as functionality.

Trianz can help your team develop custom LWC components for use in your Salesforce organization. Our developers design the components to be reusable, making it easier to deploy new services and create a more consistent customer experience. The outcome is streamlined processes, cost optimization, and a faster time to market in Salesforce.


Purging Automation Accelerator

To simplify data purging for a leaner and more efficient Salesforce instance, Trianz offers purging automation accelerators. This allows businesses to define data retention parameters and purge any data that falls out of those parameters automatically. Automated purging follows a schedule, or otherwise triggers when any business-defined limits are exceeded.

AppExchange Package Deployment Accelerator

For a developer to publish a solution on AppExchange, the business must be a Salesforce Partner. Our AppExchange Package Deployment Accelerator is designed to speed up the installation and deployment of AppExchange packages within an enterprise Salesforce organization. This means clients gain access to the solutions they need faster.

The outcome for organizations is greater Salesforce application portability between environments. The Accelerator achieves this by configuring package API access and automatically choosing an optimal security level. IT support can also leverage segmentation to deploy to a specific user group for easier administration.


Code Coverage Enhancement Accelerator

When running a test on an application, code coverage refers to how many lines of code are executed during the test versus the total number of lines of code in the application. After testing, you receive code coverage information. To deploy packages to the Salesforce AppExchange, a unit test for code coverage must reach a minimum of 75% to ensure that classes and triggers have been thoroughly tested for optimal performance in Salesforce.

The Trianz Code Coverage Enhancement Accelerator can help you quickly identify untested code, as well as design tests to run against that code in collaboration with our developers. This will enhance code coverage, helping you meet the minimum standards for AppExchange as defined by Salesforce.

Test Automation Accelerator

Enterprises using Salesforce can manage numerous applications on AppExchange. Continuous and sometimes unpredictable changes to the underlying APIs, web technologies, and frameworks used by Salesforce make application testing mandatory. Without testing, a change in API could lead to broken functionality and negative user experiences (UX).

Trianz offers a Test Automation Accelerator to assist businesses with multiple AppExchange packages. It can run multiple tests automatically and simultaneously, collecting code coverage information to validate applications on the marketplace. This is achieved using a standardized test framework that can be applied to hundreds of different contexts within Salesforce. The outcome for enterprises is less time spent managing Salesforce tests, and the elimination of repetitive low-level management tasks.


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