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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform (DXP) used to create secure websites, portals, and applications with seamless access to customer data. This is achieved using low-code web tools and pre-built apps that apply best practices at the code-level. The platform empowers customer experience (CX) teams to quickly iterate and develop web experiences that meet customer needs across every touchpoint.


Salesforce Experience Cloud Features


Partner Portals
Do more with Partner Relations Management (PRM). This is a channel management solution that allows CRM data sharing and personalized partner portals.


Create one-pagers, microsites, landing pages, and new product pages quickly. Marketers can deploy new pages using low-code without a need for HTML or web programming knowledge.


Industry Connectors
Use Experience Cloud as an interface for patients, clients, subscribers, distributors, and suppliers. Enroll these entities in Salesforce and manage everything securely from end to end.


Account Management s
Create account management portals personalized to each user. Gain access to AI-suggested help documents, pending support tickets, and purchase and refund information. Edit address details, payment details, and user profiles.


Help Centers
Provide access to self-service documentation and knowledge so that customers can help themselves to reduce service workloads and empowering customers. This could be a knowledge base, a self-service portal, or a community forum.


Build B2B and B2C storefronts that are tailored to the specific experience of each industry and customer type.

Salesforce Experience Cloud Benefits

The Salesforce Experience Cloud offers numerous benefits for enterprises, no matter which industry:

  • The Salesforce Experience Cloud offers numerous benefits for enterprises, no matter which industry:

  • Define customer segments to deliver tailored experiences to individual audiences and target customers.

  • Mobile-first optimization means all experiences are fully responsive across mobile with a simple and accessible user interface (UI).

  • Community engagement using custom profile badges: reward active community members and drive engagement.

  • Collect data and analyze experiences using custom dashboards, and optimize over time to deliver better user experiences (UX).

  • Provide secure and compliant role-based access to CRM data and automation workflows, applicable to customers and external partners along with the internal workforce.

  • Collect data over time and drive continuous improvements to customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), employee experience (EX), and partner experience (PX).

What is Included with Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud offers five solutions to choose from: PRM, CMS, Customer Service, B2B Commerce, External Apps, and Portals. You can use a single solution, or every solution in tandem to deliver better experiences to customers and partners


Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Used to quickly onboard and satisfy new channel partners. You can also boost partner-generated sales revenue by cultivating closer partner relationships.

Recruit, onboard, and manage partners. Distribute marketing materials, leads, registered deals, market development funds, and more to partners to enhance their capabilities. Create custom channels with tiered levels for optimal management.


Content Management System (CMS)

Used to quickly scale content across multiple channels and deliver consistent content experiences. It does this by reusing and redeploying content in the correct format for each channel automatically.

Create and manage omnichannel content with tools and templates. Deploy landing pages and microsites to quickly share information on new developments. Change what content is served to each customer segment for personalization.


Customer Service

Used to monitor and identify areas of improvement for customer experience (CX), driving customer happiness and trust. Business benefits include increased call center productivity and reduce operating costs.

Meet customer demands in all stages of the customer journey. Embed knowledge in all customer touchpoints to reduce demand and increase self-service. Load processes and data from third-party solutions and simplify customer account management. Bring customers together in moderated forum environments to share knowledge.


B2B Commerce

This solution helps business-to-business (B2B) companies get products to market faster, and to start generating revenues quickly via mobile-ready storefronts.

Create user experience (UX) templates that are interchangeable across commerce models, and empower customers to self-serve and order from any device in any location.

Learning and Development

External Apps and Portals

When native Salesforce lacks the functionality you need, External Apps and Portals can help. Use this service to specialize and develop proprietary functions for your internal applications.

Application development takes place in the Lightning Experience Builder. Create experiences that leverage Salesforce features while adding further options like custom objects, API calls, and data movement.

What Experience Cloud Features Should I Choose?

Salesforce Experience Cloud offers five editions to choose from: Self-Service, Partner Relationship Management, External Apps, and Content Relationship Management. You can use a single solution, or all solutions in tandem to deliver better experiences to customers and partners.

To see a full list of features for each edition, visit the Experience Cloud pricing page.

How to Get Started with Experience Cloud

At Trianz, our goal is to help you get up and running with beautiful, branded CRM-powered sites, portals, forums, and mobile apps faster than ever before. Our Experience Cloud consulting services can provide you with the agile team needed to achieve your specific business goals.

Whether your Salesforce needs involve evaluating, designing, implementing, or training, our Experience Cloud consultants will assess your current state and deploy the right solution that adapts to the future demands of your business.


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