Making customer support experience a value proposition

What makes a consumer come back to an enterprise repeatedly? Is it quality, is it competitive pricing, or is it the experience? Most customer experience consulting companies will tell you the last factor is the deciding one. So do we at Trianz.

However, Trianz doesn’t stop at just saying so. Instead, we specialize in helping our clients with the understanding of why this is so, and what can be done to add innovation in this space. Our customer experience consulting team enables clients to garner a value-focused approach towards innovating customer service solutions. We are equally focused on assisting them to consistently invest in programs that improve their abilities to execute value-generating activities.

The advantages you experience on partnering with Trianz include:

  • Gaining an analytical understanding of lifestyle factors to improve product/service positioning and pricing

  • Measures to enhance customer satisfaction and brand perception

  • Targeted marketing and promotion

  • NPS and brand/product advocacy benchmarking

Our customer experience consulting services involve using data analytics to elevate organizations’ customer experience to an above-industry level and realize value through multiple ways, such as fraud prevention, timely redressal of customers’ concerns, and improved customer relationships.

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

As a customer experience consulting firm known for crafting effective service digitalization strategies, Trianz works with CMOs of enterprises to:

  • Impart a better understanding of digital buyers’ pain points and service needs

  • Define and deliver on enterprises’ digital transformation and analytics strategies

  • Develop tangible criteria for data discovery, analytics, and visualization capabilities that incorporate into enterprises’ service delivery, analytics and customer support processes

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