Cultivate a deeper understanding of all company stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization, to deliver a better and more consistent user experience across the board.

Take advantage of our stakeholder journey mapping expertise to create delightful user experiences

There is no shortage of journey mapping tools and templates on the market, but what many companies may be short on is the expertise in how to link them to a context and strategy that result in the desired outcomes.

Stakeholder journey mapping can be an incredible technique for revealing what users go through to improve and standardize the quality of their overall experience. However, this is only the case when certain criteria are met before, during and after journey mapping is carried out. And it is where expert consultants can lend their powers:

  • Pre-mapping : Establish context, develop strategy, pre-determine outcomes

  • Mapping : Facilitate diverse groups of stakeholders on a visual journey into the life of a user

  • Post-mapping : Review findings, create action plans and oversee follow-up measures

We have spent over a decade in mastering the art of journey mapping, not just for our clients’ customers but for all stakeholders around the enterprise. Everyone counts when it comes to user experience, and in today’s digital age, everyone is a user.

What is stakeholder journey mapping?

Stakeholder journey mapping expands on the more familiar technique of customer journey mapping to include all stakeholders related to the enterprise - employees, executives, vendors, partners, clients, and so on.

Through visual and simulated storytelling, we can step into the shoes of users to get a better idea of their pain points, their needs, what motivates them, what satisfies them and ultimately what keeps them coming back—or, less ideally, from coming back.

This is beyond data analysis, which serves its important purpose. Journey mapping is more of an attempt at obtaining empirical knowledge, empathy and personal understanding. The outcome is a deeper grasp of the relationship between various stakeholders and your company. By obtaining this deeper understanding, we can improve user experience, both inside and outside the organization to increase satisfaction across the board.

Why Trianz?

Strategy and facilitation are the keys to a successful stakeholder journey mapping exercise. Mapping requires cross-departmental involvement, often bringing together stakeholders who have never collaborated before. We find that this mingling of differing roles and perspectives is a powerful ingredient for exploration. However, it can be tricky to foster collaboration and discussion between parties with such varied frames of reference. For this reason, it is recommended to use an external facilitator during the actual exercise - someone who makes a living out of it and can offer the most pertinent insights.

But before the mapping even begins, serious time and research should be put into context-building, research and strategy. You must establish expectations for the outcomes before even getting started to ensure that no time or resources are wasted in carrying out the initiative.

This is where our expertise becomes a powerful resource for you. We have supported hundreds of our clients in their stakeholder mapping journey initiatives and have now prioritized the practice among our service offerings based on the positive results of these exercises. We are convinced journey mapping can be one of the most useful tools for any organization and we are eager to show you how. Get in touch!

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