Architect high -value, low -friction experiences to win loyalty, business and references

Client centricity. Personalized interactions. ‘Wow’ experiences. Three fronts today’s digital-age businesses find increasingly compelling to deliver on. Especially because the digital customer experience phenomenon has raised customer expectations dramatically and requires enforcing consistency across all customer touch points – digital and otherwise.

At Trianz, our customer experience measurement consultants understand the nuances involved in ‘wow’ing customers with quick, yet user-centric and personalized, experiences. Our customer experience management strategy is founded on the belief that sales teams must be equipped with the necessary qualitative and quantitative insights needed to treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to earn business and loyalty.

Sometimes, even the best customer experience companies tend to overlook the potential sources of friction at points of purchase. Consequently, their customer experience strategies miss out on talking about the importance of transparency and sophistication in arresting lower conversions.

At Trianz, we specialize in helping businesses profile and segment their customers so they can offer relevant choices, coupled with appropriate knowledge. We redesign online interactions with precision and user experience best practices for our clients, with our customer experience management solutions helping clients’ front-line staff to deliver honest, personal, human experiences that match their digital counterparts. We are also known for leveraging the right analytical customer experience solutions to guide continuous buyer experience improvements across channels and segments.

The advantages you experience by partnering with Trianz include:

  • Increased sales from cross-sell and upsell opportunities

  • Reduced cost with increased efficiency

  • Increased customer lifetime value

  • Seamless cross-channel experience

  • Location-based services

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

At Trianz, we know how beneficial a high-value, low-friction customer experience is in the buying and product/service usage phases. Winning customer loyalty, boosting sales growth, and garnering competitive advantage are part of the picture. The real deal is to create an incredible journey for you that minimizes abandonment, builds in switching costs, and reinvents your delivery of the digital customer experience.

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