Working in a modern day enterprise, you are aware of the positive impact that private cloud migrations and digital transformation solutions have on your business. But managing and administering these cloud operations requires technical expertise and huge, long-term investments in infrastructure, software, and staff—which only large corporations can afford. The most viable option, therefore, is to employ a trusted Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) to manage your cloud platforms, applications, and tools.

We’re a client-focused firm dedicated to offering cloud and other managed services to enterprises like yours. We provide both custom-managed and integrated cloud services that comprise 24/7 oversight and management for all platforms, security, network operations, and data processing needs, including process automation to further enterprise objectives.

Our team of experts have been at the forefront of cloud technology design and development, and possess extensive experience in private, multi-tenant, hybrid and public cloud infrastructures. We work collaboratively with your IT departments and business groups to manage routine in-house hybrid cloud activities, including maintenance, processing bugs, disaster recovery, software/ hardware technology upgrades, and security patch deployments among other issues.

In truth, Cloud platforms are the next-gen, gold standard for helping businesses thrive and prosper in today’s markets. Whether your business is a start-up or a long-established firm, the philosophy behind Trianz’ Cloud Managed Services is to make complex cloud migrations and ongoing cloud management both technically and financially within reach for virtually any organization.

Trianz’ Cloud Managed Services include:

  • Centralized network solutions and applications
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualization
  • 24/7 security and remote services
  • Automated business processes
  • Mobile application support

Managed cloud is only one component of our managed services offerings. Our portfolio includes Digitalization Managed Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Analytics Services, Managed IT Services and Oracle Managed Cloud Services.

Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to help!