Cloud Migration is still early. Excellence in Cloud Management is essential to scale

Migrating to the public or private cloud is only the beginning of the journey of building infrastructure required to transform data, applications and business processes. For a considerable period of time, we will see an overlap of traditional infrastructure management and cloud-based infrastructure services. Overlay the COVID pandemic and a highly resource-constrained environment, and you have the ultimate infrastructure management and scaling challenge.

We have built one of the largest databases on digital transformation. We understand the best practices of cloud adoption and management:


Data Management Strategy

Source: Trasers

The Current State of Cloud and Evolution Path of Industries

Trianz has invested in creating Trasers, one of the world’s largest databases on digital transformations. With data from over 5,000 companies, spanning 20 industries, we understand where migrations are and what the most successful companies do to manage their cloud.

Workloads on Cloud

As you begin to adopt cloud at an increasing scale, it is not a matter of simply throwing more headcount at it. You need a partner who has a deep understanding of adoption patterns, platforms, IP and process capabilities to help you manage your cloud at scale.

Data Management Strategy

Source: Trasers


Trianz Cloud Managed Services


Hosting, Monitoring and Orchestration

Select your platform, migrate infrastructure - Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas) and Platform as a Service(Paas) layers; monitor and move assets in a multi-cloud environment.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Protect your data and maintain 100% application availability; recover quickly if you still run on-prem.


DevOps and Applications Management

Manage your new or legacy applications enhancement pipelines with our automated and integrated DevOps model.


Cloud Security

Protect your data at rest or in transit, stay current with your security patches with our cloud security services.


Cloud Optimization

Automatically scale up or down based on seasonality and events to optimize your cloud spending with our rules-driven automation engines.


Predictive Cloud Consumption Analytics

Forecast your cloud spending – before it even occurs. Plan, optimize and allocate costs accurately to the right business units and groups.

Scale Cloud Operations With Concierto.Cloud: The Trianz Cloud Management Platform

We can work with whatever platform you already have OR you can choose to utilize Concierto, the Trianz Cloud Managed Services platform.


Concierto creates the basis of collapsing your entire company’s cloud management into one single, shared-services model. Furthermore, it reduces your dependency on headcount at your location or ours due to very high levels of automation. Most cloud services are managed through automated job schedulers and the remainder use experienced consultants to manage complex tasks.

We Support All Major Private and Public Cloud Platforms

Trianz is a partner with all the 3 major public cloud platforms and carries extensive experience in private clouds as well.

  • Trianz is an Advanced Consulting Partner, Managed Service Provider, and Strategic Go-to-Market Partner of AWS globally.

  • Our AWS competencies include AWS Managed Services (MSP), AWS Reseller, DevOps, Public Sector, and DB Migration Services.

  • AWS APN Excellence Award winner for Customer Obsession.

  • 80% of the employees of Trianz are AWS accredited on business and technology competencies.

  • 50% of cloud engagements are on AWS, a direct result of us advocating the benefits of, and migrating our clients to, the AWS Cloud.

  • Platform to manage AWS costs, usage, configuration, deployment and management.

  • Deployment for multiple Fortune 500 clients.

  • Managed Services Partner for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program.

  • Competencies include Digital Partner of Record – US, Cloud Solution Partner, Premium Partner for Datacenter Optimization Program, and Gold Partner – SharePoint.

  • Trianz leverages Microsoft products for our clients to create new imperatives like Analytics, DB migration, DevOps using .Net Framework, SharePoint/exchange, and DC migration on Azure.

  • Trianz brings stellar experience with cutting-edge Azure products and services, such as Cognitive Search, Data Factory, Data Lake, Data Warehouse, AKS, Bot Framework, and Logic and Function apps.

  • Deployment for multiple Fortune 500 and emerging clients globally.

  • Trianz enables clients to drive innovation, scale and agility by accelerating their adoption of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using industry best practices along with built-in solution accelerators.

  • Strong Google Cloud Certification credentials, superior knowledge, and subject matter expertise.

  • Trianz offers a range of GCP services for compute, storage, application development, Big Data, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Trianz holds strategic partnerships with multiple cloud service providers including:

  • CloudHealth by VMWare for Cloud Visibility, Cost Management, Cloud Resource Management, Security and Compliance, Insights/Analytics, Automation, and Governance landscape.

  • Docker/Kubernetes to redefine the cloud optimization, automation and governance landscape leveraging containerization.

  • IBM Cloud for hybrid cloud platform, advanced data and AI capabilities.

  • Nutanix for deploying Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) system to combine compute, storage and networking into a single system to reduce datacenter complexity and improve scalability significantly.

In addition, Trianz has close partnerships and a breadth of technical skills across the cloud technology ecosystem, which can be seen in the sheer number of integrations we maintain in Concierto.

Our Cloud Managed Services Value Proposition

Optimize costs

Optimize costs

Pay for Cloud Managed Services by workloads - not by headcount.

Diversify, Consolidate

Diversify, Consolidate, or Manage

Multiple environments through one managed services platform- Concierto.

Scale with Automation of workloads

Scale with Automation of workloads

Go beyond headcount and skill sets.

Become predictive

Become predictive

Take the mystery out of managing the Cloud by becoming predictive in everything – workload planning, pipeline management, threat prevention and cost management.

Optimize consumption

Optimize consumption

Consumption is not guess work anymore. We automate a majority of scenarios and monitor complex situations well in advance.

Allocate Cloud

Allocate Cloud costs accurately

Financial module to plan and allocate to the right department on a forward-looking basis.

Cloud management

Cloud management as a Shared Service

90% of companies are in fragmented states. Leverage our platform-driven approach to scale across the enterprise in a cost-efficient shared service.


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