Portals Built for High-Performing Enterprises

As organizations go through leadership and business changes, employee portals get outdated and clunky, leaving behind messy information. Their aging support infrastructure also creates a friction point for content creators to author fresh, relevant material. Employee engagement suffers.

To encourage employees and creators to adopt and interact with the new portal, it should have a clean, modern design. This juncture is where enterprises should seek experienced, innovative partners like Trianz.

Our Design Studio team is well-versed in creating applications and intranet portals based on your platforms, business needs and, most importantly, user experience.

Portals Built for High-Performing Enterprises

Design Thinking Leads to a Simple, Holistic, Intuitive Solution

The Trianz team will develop solutions to create personalized, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate portals that motivate and engage employees. With a focus on modern design, stakeholder needs, and leadership communication, we ensure that all your business applications are up-to-date and seamlessly connected.

The result of our design-thinking approach is interfaces that are pleasing to work and information that is easy to access. We will seamlessly connect several business processes, like time management, expenses, benefits, and IT requests, simplifying the overall workflow and removing frustration.

Most importantly, we deliver on your goal of digitally engaged employees who complete administrative tasks and keep abreast of the latest in corporate matters through a single, fully integrated solution.

When a company applies AI-aided automation to their workflows, the service desk becomes a sort of triage center. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can take over, prioritizing, categorizing, and resolving requests, allowing employees to fulfill their own requests without disruption to underlying systems.

Employee Portals in a Post-COVID World

With a virtual and global workforce becoming more common even for smaller enterprises, effective portals provide a centralized access point to business operations, processes, and people. In the distributed post-COVID workforce, employee portals play a vital role in internal communications, boosting morale, and keeping people safe.

The four key characteristics of a powerful portal are:



Ease of collaboration

Ease of collaboration

Ease of access

Ease of access

Frequent publishing

Frequent publishing

Data shows that keeping employees engaged is the number one retention factor for talent, and therefore a top priority. Our teams work closely with clients to understand stakeholders’ needs and customize front-end for portals with advanced user experiences. They are also experts at leverage incumbent intranet design patterns to give branded and bespoke employee experience.

Our Studio Methodology

Studio Methodology

Our process consists of four diamonds strung together into “Learn, Concept, Design and Build” phases. The journey through them helps shape an abstract or ambiguous problem into a user-validated product to achieve maximum business impact. You can read more details on our Design Studio Methodology page.

The Trianz Difference

Whether an enterprise chooses to start from scratch or level up their proprietary solutions, Trianz experts will be able to execute at the highest level.

Trianz is a leading IT services firm with decades of experience helping clients overcome portal and infrastructure pitfalls. We have partnered with several industry leading application platforms to offer expert assessment and implementation services for these platforms to maximize the availability and performance of your business applications.

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