23 Feb, 2016
Journey Mapping Framework for Customer Retention & Acquisition - A Digital Age Perspective

Investing in change has become the norm of the day for businesses. This change could be because of evolving technology, shifts in business needs, the introduction of new Social Dimensions, and changing environment for influencing a new business model. Connected markets are getting created due to this changing business model paradigm. Businesses, hence need to adopt Digital Transformation and evolve to provide better Digital Customer Experience. Digital Transformation has become an evolutionary imperative to survive in the competitive marketplace. Traditional Customer strategies need to be digitized to engage and nurture relationships with the Digital Customers. Understanding the Digital Customer is of paramount importance when it comes to investing in Transformation. It is important, to understand how companies are adapting to this change, and the challenges and opportunities that evolve during the whole process.

In this Whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • Business Drivers for Business Transformation
  • Key Imperatives
  • The Approach to Customer Delight
  • Business Benefits

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