Easy Migration to Azure Cloud

Use Managed Instances for a Quick and Easy Migration to Azure Cloud

There are three options available to you when initializing a SQL Server instance in the Azure Cloud. The most recently announced option is the SQL Database Managed Instance, which was made publicly available at the start of Q3-2019 on the Azure Cloud.

19 Dec 2019

Microsoft Azure DB Solutions

Cover All Your Database Bases with Microsoft Azure DB Solutions

Historically, it has been difficult for businesses to find an all-in-one solution for data management. Thankfully, this decade has given us several successful software solutions that offer a centralized, unified dashboard for managing your IT infrastructure.

18 Dec 2019

Azure Migration Journey

Establishing a Sure-Fire Strategy for Your Azure Migration Journey

There has been a surge in cloud adoption by businesses across the globe, with aging on-premise hardware and decentralized IT service management (ITSM) acting as a catalyst for change.

17 Dec 2019

Azure SQL Database

Breaking Down Azure SQL Database Hosting Options: Single vs Elastic Pool vs Managed Instances

The Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the best places to run your SQL Database. Any relational database can benefit from the scalability and performance benefits of working in the cloud, with added cost savings versus an on-premise solution.

13 Dec 2019

Cloud-first technology

Put Your Business at the Forefront of Technology with Cloud-First Strategies

The only way to guarantee business longevity and growth into the future is to create a forward-looking plan—one that invests in people and technologies to keep up with future business advances.

12 Dec 2019

How Azure SQL Database Layers

How Azure SQL Database Layers Features to Provide Ultimate Protection for Your Data

When banks need to protect their customers’ valuable belongings, they place them into a vault. No single component of a vault could, however, adequately secure anyone’s prized possessions by itself.

09 Dec 2019

Migrating Apps to Azure

Gain Confidence When Migrating Apps to Azure by Minimizing Security Risks

Have you ever contemplated the number of apps you use at work over the course of a single day? At the very least, you probably use an email client...

04 Dec 2019

Cloud Security Managed Services

Rise Above Cloud Security Challenges with a Cloud Security Managed Services Partner

In the data-sensitive modern age, security should be at the forefront of every business’s IT strategy. With massive quantities of information being transmitted across the internet, there can be severe repercussions for companies that neglect best practices when it comes to cybersecurity.

03 Dec 2019

Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service

Empower Your Business to Do More with Azure IaaS

The number one asset in your business is undoubtedly its staff. Every employee has spent months and years steering the direction of the firm and moving its goals and ambitions forward week by week.

03 Dec 2019

Migrate to The Cloud with Azure SQL Database

5 Reasons to Migrate to The Cloud with Azure SQL Database

Cloud database solutions have quickly replaced on-site services as the most powerful, efficient, and cost-effective options for SQL databases. Azure SQL database is a breakout leader among cloud solutions for SQL database hosting.

02 Dec 2019