The cloud has prompted numerous technological advancements over the past decade, out of which one is the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These technologies can increase the processing capabilities of your infrastructure, unlocking more human-like cognition for advanced workloads. Despite the promise of these technologies, the complexity of using AI and ML can dissuade organizations from ever considering their use, preventing them from leveraging these bleeding-edge technologies.

Thankfully, the barrier for entry with AI and ML has been significantly reduced on Azure, thanks to the Cognitive Services platform. This platform acts as a comprehensive family of AI services and Cognitive application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to simplify using AI and ML on the Azure cloud. Our experts can help you leverage this pioneering platform and start benefitting from AI and ML technologies on Azure.

Azure Cognitive Services benefits

The Azure Cognitive Services platform offers unparalleled out-of-the-box AI and ML functionality and is comparable only to cognitive platforms that also rely on exabyte scale datasets. Trained by the Bing Search platform, daily, the Azure Cognitive Services suite offers text analytics, OCR, key-phrase extraction, sentiment analysis and many other capabilities that previously required significant in-house development investment. Microsoft’s democratization of AI with Azure Cognitive Services allows any customer to leverage reliable, pre-trained algorithms to gain useful business intelligence at a fraction of the cost and time investment.

There are many benefits to the Azure Cognitive Services platform, including:

  • Document cracking and metadata extraction using cognitive search – One of Azure’s most powerful AI-empowered tools, Azure Cognitive Search, allows customers to quickly and easily scan, search and filter, document content at scale and without any custom development efforts. Customers using Azure Cognitive Search rely on its algorithms to perform sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, named-entity recognition on large document repositories, often spanning decades, and in variable file formats, such as scanned PDFs or pictures. The document-cracking capabilities demonstrated in the JFK Files demo, for example, allows a user to quickly search for people, places, events and also allows developers to demonstrate relationships between metadata added by Azure Cognitive Search.

  • Enterprise application search functionality – For years, the world of search has been dominated by Google. Their search engine can scan the entirety of the internet in less than a second and serve you with the relevant search results. On a much smaller scale, organizations may want similar functionality built into their enterprise applications. This is entirely possible using the Bing Web Search API v7, which forms part of the Cognitive Services platform.

    With the Bing API, you can leverage the same technologies used by search engine giants in your enterprise application stack. All it takes is a simple integration using their API and you can start querying for both internal and web-based information right within your own software. These search results can be categorized by date (or freshness), age ratings (SafeSearch), and geolocation, in addition to many other filters.

Azure Cognitive Services from Trianz

Trianz is an industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine-learning implementation provider that has helped many of our Fortune 500 clients leverage AI and ML technologies on Azure. Our experts have been at the forefront of the automation revolution in the cloud, and strive to lower the barrier of entry to this new processing paradigm for our clients using platforms like Azure Cognitive Services.

We offer a range of services on the Azure Cognitive Services platform, including:

  • Adaptive experiences for customers and staff – When it comes to technology, people have different requirements and skills. Some people may be hard of sight or hard of hearing, lack the skills to use the software, or perhaps even be a power-user that prefers CLI-based interaction. The point is - no person is the same as another, so why are the services we deliver not tailored to individual users?

    With the Cognitive Services Personalizer, you can tailor services to individual user requirements using ML. As users move through the application, these ML algorithms can assess the requirements of the user in real-time and adapt the application to improve the user experience (UX). In short, Personalizer presents the best-tailored option for specific individuals at the right time, making for incredibly personalized and niche services that your customers will love. This service leverages the Real-World RL system, developed by Vowpal Wabbit, to offer highly contextualized services on Azure.

  • Digitalize non-digital business information – For enterprises that have been operating for more than a decade, it is highly likely they will have copious amounts of paper documentation. Keeping track of this information may seem archaic with the prevalence of technology in our daily lives, but this information can be digitalized.

    To digitalize documentation, you can use the Computer Vision AI service on Azure. This service can scan any type of document, identifying text, formatting and more. Microsoft lists additional examples of how Computer Vision works on the Cognitive Services platform here. It may be a 100-page business contract or a piece of technical documentation. No matter which, Computer Vision AI can scan, digitalize and store it in the Azure cloud for future use.

Cognitive services with Trianz on Azure

The world of enterprise computing was revolutionized by the cloud back in the 2000s. Now, AI and ML are taking enterprise computing to new heights, with intelligent vision, speech, language, search and decision processing. This technology may be in its infancy, but its potential means that Cognitive Services are set to become an integral part of enterprise computing in the near future.

Be a part of the future—now. Get in touch with Trianz to start leveraging Azure Cognitive Services today.

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