Managing the business of data on the Azure Cloud

Cloud-based business intelligence, predictive analytics, and the exponential volume of mobile, social and online information are not only driving agility, efficiency, and competitive advantage, but are also making it an imperative for enterprises to be in the ‘business of data.’

In these times of aggressive digital transformation, effective workload management is the need of the hour and Azure, by offering more than 100 cloud services to build, deploy, and manage a breath of workloads, does this and more. From simple microservices and internet-scale applications, to adding 120,000 subscriptions per month, Azure spans 42 global datacenter regions -- more than any other cloud provider.

Common Azure workloads include .Net applications, SQL Server databases and DevTest environments, SharePoint collaboration, Office and Exchange productivity, and Big Data analytics. Azure uniquely enables data-driven, intelligent applications -- from image recognition to bot services. Its artificial intelligence services support deep learning and real-time analytics, and its market-leading security includes 50 compliance offerings, exceeding all other providers.

Azure provides you with:

  • Comprehensive development tools, software kits, and virtualization
  • Pay-per-use model
  • Flexible computing options

Including benefits such as:

  • Efficient resources management
  • Dedicated focus on business-centric endeavors versus maintenance
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Significantly decreased overall TCO