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Franchisors can share key information with franchisee partners using Pulse, which franchisees can then use disseminate this information to employees.

Franchisors and franchisees operate in a market niche. Rather than managing business operations themselves, franchisors hand this responsibility over to franchisees. In return, franchisees gain access to business processes and operating frameworks, brand trademarks, brand marketing, and pre-made product or service models that can give their franchise a head start.

Both franchise parties need to work together for a franchise to be successful. The best way to facilitate such a collaboration is through a centralized digital workplace. This enables communication between franchisors and franchisees, with digital access to processes, frameworks, suppliers, training, and much more.

When you think franchise intranet software, think Pulse.

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Building a Franchise Collaboration Intranet and Workplace

An intranet and digital workplace environment is hugely beneficial for franchises. Franchisors can share all relevant information with franchisee partners using an intranet, and franchisees can disseminate this information to employees to form a productive workforce consensus.

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

A Collaborative Franchise Business Social Community

Intra means “on the inside;” so think of an intranet as a dedicated local internet for the franchise. The internet is full of information, whereas an intranet contains specific and targeted information relating to franchise operations.

Franchise intranets enable collaboration by building a community-based culture. Employees can read company news, ask questions, and share feedback with a well-constructed intranet solution for easy access on desktop devices and mobile devices. Teams can create focused digital social groups so that team members can collaborate and communicate more easily, without being fatigued by irrelevant communications.

You can empower franchise partners and employees to share and gain knowledge through your Pulse intranet.

A Place for Learning and Personal Growth

New employees may have their work cut out for them, but franchise intranet services can certainly lighten their load. Franchise owners can share onboarding documents with new employees, offering a clear framework that details job responsibilities, expectations, and techniques to use on the job.

Intranets are also great for e-learning opportunities. Make e-learning resources available to employees through the intranet for guided introductions to the franchise and its operations. Deliver qualifications using external learning providers to solidify employee knowledge. Share knowledge base documents with frequently asked questions and walkthroughs for technical workflows. Enable employee Q&As and train knowledge champions within your team to educate from the inside-up. Build an intra-web of knowledge with Pulse intranet.

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Knowledge Sharing and Documentation Workflow Optimization

Important franchise documentation can be stored within a franchise intranet, allowing relevant users to access this documentation at any time. A centralized documentation management system (DMS) can govern access to documentation on a per-franchise basis, making data governance and IT security easier for franchise operators.

This can include HR frameworks, financial reports, supply chain invoices and contracts, and more. Managers can upload employee contracts and performance evaluations, access pre-approved supplier lists with contact details, and monitor revenues or franchise fee obligations using digital e-forms and processes. Keep franchisee locations isolated from one another with data obfuscation and strict access controls, without losing the bigger picture as a franchise operator.

Build a digital environment that works for your franchise with Pulse intranet.

One-Stop Shop for HR Services

A cloud intranet platform is built for people, and HR services can be built into the intranet. Make common HR services available digitally and enable managers and employees to digitally manage their employment.

HR teams can use an intranet to make absence or holiday forms available digitally, enable online time tracking inputs, and collect feedback on employee wellbeing. Employee users benefit from always-on access to HR services, without the risk of losing or misplacing paper documentation. Managers can similarly collaborate with HR to gain insight and nurture the workforce using an intranet solution like Pulse.

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

Franchise Compliance Management and Adherence

Franchises are founded on a common trademark, despite differing ownership. Inconsistency in brand image, brand messaging, and operational workflows can result in non-compliance, putting the franchise operator at risk.

Franchise operators can share corporate logos, advertisements, marketing materials, and more through an approved access channel. Approved supplier lists ensure consistency between franchise sites. Franchise policies and regulations can be shared and enforced to prevent favoritism in alignment with the original franchise agreement.

Ensure franchises meet their obligations and grow your franchise with consistency and care with Pulse.

Franchise Workforce Analytics for Employee Insights

Franchise owners can monitor employee performance levels, generating reports and insights to guide workforce decisions. This includes monitoring days in, days off, productivity metrics, KPI adherence, and overall workforce health.

Perhaps one employee is consistently underperforming, or absences are mysteriously occurring on the same day each month. Employees may lack a voice, or simply be unengaged—something which workforce analytics can reveal and resolve in pursuit of greater workforce productivity.

Uncover hidden workforce concerns and nurture a more open workplace with Pulse.

Digital Transformation and the Business Urgency for Analytics

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