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PULSE provides real-time collaboration and enhanced efficiency through a unified platform for information, notifications, workflows, dashboards, and more.


See and process pending approvals from management and employees.

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Filter Approvals

View pending approvals with filtering.

Approval Prioritization

Enable self-prioritization of approvals or colleagues to assign priorities.

Approval Risk Grading

Pull risk management data from any platform and visualize risk with a traffic light system for each pending approval.


See which follow-up tasks are pending as well as any related dependencies or deliverables that are on hold.

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Follow-Up List

See a list of all follow-up processes that need completing.

Follow-Up Reporting

Assess historic follow-up tasks and generate reports to track success.

Workflow Follow-Up

Monitor workflows and trigger alerts when a follow-up is needed.

Business Analytics

Analyze your workforce productivity, KPI targets, SLA adherence statistics and more with Business Analytics.

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Analytics Dashboard

Gain a holistic high-level overview of the business with a customizable dashboard.

Analytics Integration

Integrate data and analytics tools to maximize insight.

Sharing and Security

Share business analytics dashboards with colleagues and restrict access with role-based access control (RBAC) integration.

Workforce Analytics

Generate insight around your workforce and maximize productivity.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics Dashboard

Gain a high-level overview of your workforce.

Workforce Analytics Reports

Create detailed reports about your workforce and share details with colleagues.

Proactive Planning

Proactively plan around changes in your workforce by monitoring workforce dependencies.

Engagement Analytics

Track employee engagement with content, projects, and team members.

Engagement Analytics

Internal Content Engagement Analytics

Analyze your content and understand how it is consumed by employees.

Communication Engagement Tracking

Monitor employee engagement with your enterprise communications using read receipts. Ensure that critical information is always read and digested by following up with non-readers.

Customer Engagement Analytics

Monitor customer engagement across your website, blog, and social media platforms.


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