Employee Intranets and Digital Workforce Solutions

A reimagination of the workplace that integrates productivity apps, collaboration platforms, enterprise analytics, social media and managerial tools.

Building for the Future of Work

The pandemic has brought a fundamental shift in the workplace. Companies are actively investing in the well-being of the employees, clients, partners, suppliers and franchisees – while helping them with secure system access and collaboration tools – preparing beyond the immediate crisis.

The Future Of Workforce

Key Features - Available on Web App & Mobile


My Intranet

Drive workforce engagement with seamless internal communications.

My Docs

Search through folders and file shares and view all documents with categorization by date or author.

My Calendar & My Office

Access your calendar and all MS Apps from Pulse.

My Teams

View your team network, see reportees, and foster collaboration with My Teams.

My Work & Projects

AI driven prioritization of all Tasks and work. Review and update all project related deliverables from Pulse.


All compensation, benefits, PTO, performance, and learning dashboards in one place.

My Apps

Access custom and third-party software tools from a single pane of glass with harmonized experience.

My Social Networks

Enable a workplace social network, fostering collaboration and team building across your business OR access to public social media- for posting Corp messages.


My Workforce Analytics

Generate insight around your workforce and maximize productivity.

My New Custom Apps

Robust integrations with enterprise and third-party apps.

Engagement Analytics

Track employee engagement with content, projects, and team members.

My Workflows & Approvals

See and process pending approvals from management and employees.

My Follow-Ups

Check pending follow-up tasks and related dependencies / outcomes.

My Business Analytics

Project execution and delivery performance analytics, KPI targets, SLA adherence statistics and more.

My Content & Communications

Consistent, real-time communication within teams and external stakeholders. Publish formal announcements straight from Pulse.


Digital UX

A transformative business user experience for value-driven collaboration. Experience can be harmonized across Apps.

Easy Content Management

Intuitive, automatic harmonized information management sharing, search, discovery and access. Integrates with any ECM tool.

Extensibility to Franchisees

Tailor and extend lite versions to Franchisees (Agencies, Shops, Restaurants, Branches etc.)


Custom apps, enterprise apps, data and analytics, collaboration utilities.

Self-service Driven

Enhanced productivity and efficiency with self-service capabilities.

AI & Automation Enabler

Automation and data-driven approach to enhance talent experience and business outcomes.

SSO & Easy User Management

Simplified model for access through SSO- most privileges inherited from O365 (or any other AD).

SaaS Model

Flexible and scalable efficiencies with minimal operation and deployment risks.

Lower TCO

Minimal maintenance and robust support leading to lower TCO and higher ROI. Underlying apps can be modernized- instead of replacing- thus reducing costs

Digital Workplace Solution

A Digital Workplace Solution

Pulse allows users to access applications, collaborate with colleagues, manage meetings, track projects, and keep their finger on the Pulse of the business - all through a combination of data analytics, seamless integration, and robust workflow automation.

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