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PULSE provides real-time collaboration and enhanced efficiency through a unified platform for information, notifications, workflows, dashboards, and more.

My Intranet

Drive workforce engagement with seamless internal communications.

My Intranet


Digitize workplace communications and share important news with colleagues.


Build and share information in a knowledge base to enable employees to help themselves.


Conduct surveys and polls to understand your workforce and customers. Share results with teams and stakeholders.


Communicate important internal information about your business with individual associates, departments, or your entire workforce.


Access and view corporate policies from any device, in any location.

My Work

Track tasks and projects, share documents, and stay alert with My Work.

My Intranet


Centralize business activities like meetings, conferences, events, and more. Share with individuals, departments, or the entire business.


View your calendar and stay informed around your work commitments.


View all assigned tasks for the day, with relevant people, documents, and deadlines.


View assigned projects and track contributions, colleagues, and deliverables from a unified dashboard.


Access personal documents or team document sharing libraries. Improve the flow of information and documentation between colleagues with cloud storage integration.


Get alerts about your work from colleagues and leadership teams.

My Teams

View your team network, see reportees, and foster collaboration with My Teams.

My Intranet


See only relevant contributions and posts from your network. Reduce information fatigue with a dedicated team network.


See reportees in each team with contact details, out of office alerts, meeting alerts, and calendar availability.


Collaborate from a central location with broad software integrations.

My Apps

Access business applications and third-party software tools from a single location.

My Intranet


Centralize access to self-service solutions for employees.


Access your library of productivity apps with seamless access using single sign-on (SSO).


Create custom parameters to share applications in any way, shape, or form.

Business Social

Enable a social network for the workplace, fostering collaboration and team building across your business.

Business Social


Compile, share and read posts from colleagues with comments and reactions. Rich software integration allows for the sharing of documents, images, and external links.


Create team social groups. Build relationships, improve morale, and share or view relevant posts to your social group.


Promote semi-casual discussion in forums. Empower employees to become ‘knowledge champions’ and create an organized community discussion board.


Share events with colleagues and accept or decline invitations. Display information relating to events on individual pages to increase engagement.


Conduct important or casual polling with social network members. Display real-time results and understand your community.


Share images and documents directly with colleagues using the foundational content management system (CMS).

My Docs

View all documents for individuals, teams, and across the enterprise. Search through folders and file shares with categorization by date or author.

My Intranet


Search by keyword, author, timeframe and more.


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