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Our AWS Expertise and Experience

Migrating to cloud can be overwhelming, but with the right approach, the benefits far outweigh the complexities. Experience seamless and efficient software enabled migrations to the AWS cloud at the fastest possible speed and a fraction of industry costs with the expertise and support of Trianz – your trusted top AWS Rapid Migration Partner.

At Trianz, we take pride in our unparalleled AWS accreditation and expertise. With 1000+ AWS Cloud Accreditations and 100+ AWS Certifications in both business and technology competencies, our consultants possess the knowledge and skills required to execute complex and value-driven AWS programs.

As a trusted engineering partner of AWS, we are at the forefront of innovation and collaboration, delivering platform-driven outcomes - 50% faster time to market, 40% lower migration costs, and 30% lower steady-state operating costs while ensuring scalability, security, and efficient decision-making. Our partnership allows us to work on cutting-edge initiatives like data connectors. By leveraging advanced technology, scalable solutions, and platforms and frameworks, we can rapidly transform your visionary ideas into tangible business value – rapidly.

The Current State of Cloud & Evolution Path of Industries

Recognized as Rising Star by ISG for Strong AWS Managed Services Capabilities

Experience a Transformative Shift to Cloud with our Offerings that Fuel your Success

Our approach encompasses thorough infrastructure assessment, seamless migration of applications and workloads to the AWS cloud, accelerated app modernization, ongoing management and optimization, and cost optimization through AWS-native services and best practices.

Analytics Evolution Curve

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Concierto Ensures Lightning Fast and Cost-efficient Migrations and Handles the Full Life Cycle of Hybrid Cloud Operations

Concierto is a zero code SaaS platform that can migrate applications, data, and infrastructure to AWS, manage your hybrid cloud operations, and optimize your cloud and IT Ops - all from one single pane of glass.

Analytics on Cloud Consulting

Integrate with existing CMDB in your enterprise or use a non-intrusive and agentless discovery of data & dependencies. Real-estate demographics include device types, distribution & Dedependencies.

Cloud Analytics Consulting

“R-Assessment” of applications. Automated classification of applications based on complexity dimensions such as size, vintage, number of dependencies, etc.


Automatic creation of 'move groups’ based on applications and dependencies. Customers can approve AS-IS or make changes., all through workflows.

Data Lakes on the Cloud

Templatized landing zone creation, workflow based near zero down time migration. Automated DR environment creation in 1 click.

Advanced Analytics and Data Science Consulting

Executive friendly migration dashboards & reports for planning, scheduling and status tracking.

Achieve Bulk Migrations from On-prem or Any Cloud to AWS Predictably and 50%+ Faster in Less Than 3 Weeks



Secure & private development in your environment with a few hours using automated deployment process.



Migrate applications from on-prem or any cloud to AWS. Create DR instance in a one go as part of execution.



Execute end-to-end migration with pre-built templates. Automated discovery, assessment, and execution.



Outcome guaranteed and no risk to end customer. Highly competitive pricing. Execute migration with a few weeks of engagement initiation.

Trianz’ Application Migration Center of Excellence (CoE)

While the fundamentals of migrating a specific application to the cloud remain the same, the game changes when a portfolio is considered for cloud migration. For rapid migration at scale, Trianz deploys the application Migration Centers of Excellence (CoE) designed to generate speed, efficiency, and cost benefits from the scale of economy.

Each phase of the CoE deployment process involves a series of intersecting activities delivering transformative outcomes at each phase of strategy and execution.


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