Arxway Host is a one-of-its-kind docker and multifactor authentication enabled Bastion host for AWS Cloud infrastructure. Apart from providing increased security to your EC2 instances on AWS servers, it also offers controlled/ authorized user access to host servers.

Arxway Host server application takes care of securing access to your EC2 instances, allowing you to better focus on achieving business objectives. Arxway is a bastion host server connecting your organization's VPNs to AWS Cloud's EC2 instances, thereby enabling enhanced security and authorized user access from anywhere. It incorporates multifactor authentication and Docker technologies that dramatically boost security on both Windows and Linux servers.

This means that your Cloud Operations team can now access the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) from anywhere, anytime from your organizations VPNs in a protected and secure environment. By restricting access strictly to user-defined IP ranges, primary and secondary keys, Arxway host provides unparalleled isolation for cloud data access.


  • Multifactor authentication feature verifies and allows only authorized users to access and interact with approved hosts, offering an additional layer of security

  • Local VPN with Docker technology: Connects VPNs with the AWS server over the network securely through Docker platform enabled temporary virtualization, both on Linux and Windows OS

  • Maps users to hosts (and limits them from accessing other hosts)

  • Ensures users are properly authenticated (MFA)

  • Integrates VPN to secure/ cloak all access

  • Single control to delete user from one place, thereby revoking access everywhere.


  • Central Authentication and Authorization for ease of access and control

  • Multi-factor Authentication: Since the corporate directory service is the identity service provider, MFA can be enabled for access

  • Single Point VPN: Where infrastructure is to be accessed over VPN for support purposes and with the possibility of multiple support centers, the bastion infrastructure can be a single point from where VPN can be established

  • Logging and Audit: The infrastructure allows for logging of all access sessions initiated through it, which is searchable and easily accessible for security purposes

  • Redundancy: The infrastructure can easily be deployed in a redundant mode for high availability due to its small footprint

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