TSYS is a leading provider of payment processing, merchant and related payment services to financial and non-financial institutions. The company operates in the credit card issuers market, ranking third in payment processing in the US.

In September 2019, Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading worldwide provider of payments technology and software solutions completed its merger with TSYS, forming the premier pure-play payments technology company with an extensive scale and unmatched global reach.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to build a dependable, robust and secure technology infrastructure that could:

  • Facilitate script automation to eliminate manual process-related errors.
  • Reduce the cost of operations as more bandwidth means more complexity and increased operational expense.
  • Minimize downtime to prevent revenue loss as network outages significantly disrupt business operations, adversely impacting customer loyalty.
  • Protect enterprise data to tackle the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches incidents.
  • Scale the network to equip it for future 'on-demand' growth to manage changes in real-time.
  • Enhance network performance through agile applications that can handle dynamic bandwidth needs and network topology changes.

Technology Components

  • AWS Organization structure separated to departments with service control policy
  • AWS-S3, EC2, AIM, Snapshots, EIP, NAT, AWS-VPC, Public-Private Subnets, NACLs, VPN, VGW, Endpoint Security Groups, IAM, Roles, Policy, MFA, SAML, AD Federated
  • CloudTrail, CloudWatch
  • Other Platforms: Jira 7, Splunk, Git bucket, Jenkins

The Approach

TSYS selected Trianz to build a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, which can automate the entire code deployment process.

Additionally, Trianz implemented the following solutions:

  • Created PoC for multiple cloud framework models to meet business requirements for multiple lines of business.
  • Developed the cloud agnostic automation process (Infrastructure as a Code) through scripts like Terraform, Python, Cloud formation, etc.
  • Improved deliverables' efficiency, monitoring and infrastructure management.
  • Enabled continuous delivery with built-in DevOps capabilities; integration with Jenkins and platforms/ tools identified and leveraged by the client within a cloud deployment.
  • Guided the client on implementing industry best practices while meeting deliverables' timelines.
  • Periodically reviewed architecture and provided necessary feedback towards (cost) optimization as per best practices and industry recommendations.
  • Provided cloud support portal login to help the client raise support requests and get access to relevant information about the supported environment.

Transformational Effects

  • Streamlined the new hire onboarding process using a single self-service offering and auto-routing of those requests, reducing manual effort.
  • Implemented Enterprise Splunk on the cloud.
  • Integrated on-prem cost model tool (Apptio) on the cloud using tagging technology.
  • Enhanced visibility to software-hardware allocations and capacity monitoring.
  • Operation Automation: The new CI/CD pipeline uses GitHub, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline to remove friction while deploying the new code. As a result, TSYS is now able to push small, incremental updates to its software, version control and documentation updates to match the pace of innovation.
  • Enhanced Security: Organization and department segmentation with multi-factor authentication, active-directory federation control and least privilege access for developers.
  • High-Availability: The implementation of Auto Scaling Groups, ec2, and network to handle spikes in traffic, snapshots and AIM usages to tackle immediate deployment or disaster recovery issues.

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