As enterprises move to the cloud, their top priority must always be security. This is not only because of regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI-DSS, but also due to the simple fact that customers in all industries demand that their personal data is kept safe. On average, 60% of companies that experience a serious data breach will end up going out of business within six months, largely because they lost the confidence of their customers. Of course, the laws and regulations surrounding data security also come with serious fines and penalties for companies that are not in compliance.

The AWS cloud environment was developed from the ground up with the understanding that they would never succeed if their clients could not trust them with their data. Amazon’s data centers house critical data from millions of companies, individuals, and governments around the world. To protect these important clients, they employ nothing short of the best security experts in the industry.

At Trianz, we have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies move to the AWS cloud, and in every case, their security was at the front of our minds. Our experts emphasize the importance of cybersecurity at all levels to help avoid the risk of a breach due to a weak link in the security chain. Our security strategy services will help ensure the proper cybersecurity efforts are made to keep your business safe.

Trianz Cloud Security Strategy Services

Moving systems to the AWS cloud is a great way to benefit from their secure environment. However, if your side of the system is not protected properly, there is still a risk for a breach. Trianz consultants understand the importance of cybersecurity and will always make it a priority with every implementation we are a part of. Our experts can step in at any stage of your digital evolution to provide advice on how to properly implement a comprehensive cloud security strategy for your business.

We offer a range of cloud security strategy services, including the following:

  • Layered Security – With the cloud, there are numerous points of entry that you need to secure. A layered approach to cybersecurity can cover all bases and prevent intruders from accessing or intercepting your data. Trianz consultants will provide end to end analysis of your system to identify each potential entry point and implement the proper security solutions.

  • Remote Employee Protection – In today’s modern working environment, most companies have employees that work either from home, or on the road, at times. When employees are using laptops or personal computers, it can be a challenge to ensure they are properly secured. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that will protect your environment no matter where it is being accessed from.

  • Hybrid Cloud Security – If you operate some systems on the AWS cloud and others in-house, we will work with you to ensure everything is fully protected. The AWS cloud interfaces well with local systems and offers a variety of security solutions to ensure your data is safe. Trianz consultants will make sure that your local infrastructure is protected and interfaced correctly with the cloud to avoid any risk.

Protecting Your Data from Every Threat

There is no doubt the AWS platform is one of the safest places for data in the world. Amazon invests millions of dollars each year into state-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion detection monitoring, compliance, and other cutting-edge measures to protect their systems. This is all in addition to their excellent physical security that is present at all their facilities. All AWS clients will enjoy an excellent base level of cybersecurity that includes things like:

  • Cybersecurity Engineers – The security employees at Amazon Web Services are truly second to none. They are constantly looking for new potential threats and taking steps to stop them before anyone’s data is at risk.

  • Compliance Management & Corporate Governance – AWS clients benefit from their compliance management and corporate governance solutions. These will help make sure your IT systems follow all relevant federal and international regulations.

  • Disaster Recovery – If your systems experience any type of disaster, AWS can get you back online fast. They even offer 100% uptime solutions for critical systems where an outage is simply not an option.

  • Constant Penetration Testing – The AWS team runs constant penetration testing against their systems to ensure everything is safe. If anything ever breaks through the AWS cybersecurity defenses, chances are it will be AWS engineers who discover a flaw. They can then quickly patch the issue so that the data is never at risk.

Secure Your Cloud Environment with Trianz

The AWS cloud offers many important benefits to businesses, but those can quickly fall to the wayside if you do not implement the right security strategy. The trust and reassurance offered by a comprehensive AWS cloud security strategy will be appreciated by both your internal department leaders and your B2B partners. Effective cybersecurity is also an essential feature that can be used to attract new customers.

Don’t put your reputation on the line—get in touch with our experts and start building your AWS cloud security strategy today.

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