The software development lifecycle (SDLC) has long been a point of contention for development teams. As developers write and merge code, they need a way to both test and deploy these updates. In the past, this was no easy task as developers were required to spool up new throwaway server instances for each software test they performed. This added to the administrative burden associated with software testing, slowing down the SDLC.

With the introduction of DevOps, the SDLC has been shortened thanks to the continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, which allows developers to automate the majority of the SDLC. In short, developers can write, test, deploy and remediate software development problems in real-time with continuous production feedback throughout the entire process.

Create Custom Pipelines with Experienced Trianz Consultants

Trianz is a leading DevOps consulting firm that has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 clients streamline their software development lifecycle. One of the greatest obstacles organizations face when implementing a DevOps approach is adapting principles to address unique challenges.

  • Effective Implementation Roadmap – We will establish a timeline that will show your developers and other key employees exactly how this system will be implemented. All current development projects will be integrated into this roadmap to ensure existing DevOps projects are not interrupted and deliverables can continue to occur on schedule. Once full buy-in from all relevant players has been achieved, we will move on to begin standing up new pipeline environments.

  • Stand Up AWS Pipeline Environment – We will create a customized AWS CodePipeline system for your business. This will allow your developers to take advantage of the automated release systems and provide fast and reliable updates and patches to your users. These pipelines can be used to power your DevOps strategy to ensure you can push out higher quality apps more frequently than ever before. The AWS pipeline can be directly connected to any Git-based repository, including GitHub, so your developers can transition to this system seamlessly.

  • Workflow Configuration – Our consultants will help to configure your workflow process to take full advantage of the AWS native pipelines. We will assist you in modeling the various stages of the software development life cycle. We will also help you formalize a software release process so that both your developers and the app users will know what to expect every step of the way.

Streamlining Your Software Development Lifecycle with AWS

The consensus is that the cloud is the ideal platform for software development—and rightly so. Developers need instant access to elastically scalable server resources in addition to ample data storage for their work. The cloud meets these demands. Amazon Web Services (AWS) goes a step further with dedicated DevOps pipeline automation services on its platform.

  • Reduced Production Outages – Updating applications is one of the leading causes of production outages. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that it is often difficult to perform accurate testing; also, human error can easily occur during any update process. The AWS pipeline platform addresses both these concerns and will dramatically reduce the number and severity of production outages related to application updates.

  • Cost Savings – Your developers will be able to work more efficiently so that they can roll out new and improved applications on a regular basis. The business will be able to enjoy a much more robust development strategy without having to hire on additional developers to meet demand. This is because the AWS native pipeline system can dramatically streamline the tedious tasks of testing, production rollout, and application support.

  • More Effectively Organized DevOps – One of the biggest things that businesses appreciate from the AWS native pipeline is that it helps to create a comprehensive structure around the entire DevOps strategy. Many of the steps involved in the process will be automated, which helps to ensure proper procedures are followed at these stages. Developers will follow the established priorities for what applications and features they are working on based on business need, which makes it much easier to determine what each person should be working on at any given time.

Trianz is Here to Help

If you are ready to take your DevOps into the future using AWS native pipelines, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your systems are set up properly and we will offer support long into the future.

Don’t let your software applications fall behind in this highly competitive IT world. Contact Trianz to discuss AWS native pipelines today.

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