The cloud is the destination of choice for enterprise computing, offering numerous benefits - cost savings, elastically scalable computing resources and improved operational resilience. Despite these benefits, enterprises still need to pay attention to cybersecurity. One aspect of cybersecurity in the cloud is role-based access controls or RBAC. These controls operate at the account- or department-level, governing access to servers, applications and sensitive data sets. In short, these controls allow you to grant enough access for people to do their jobs without overprovisioning and running the risk of a data breach.

At Trianz, we understand the importance of watertight cybersecurity. Our experts leverage automated RBAC functionality on AWS through something called identity access management (IAM) roles. These roles are typically used by larger enterprises and grant you fine-tuned granular control over network access across the business.

Automated RBAC services on AWS with Trianz

Trianz is a leading automated role-based access control assessment and implementation firm. Our experts have helped many of our Fortune 500 clients to leverage the immense benefits of RBAC on AWS. We offer a range of RBAC automation services on AWS, including:

  • Proprietary RBAC implementation – Your custom business applications are already running in the cloud—now you need to make them secure. Custom business applications on AWS can tap into Amazon Cognito, a comprehensive authentication, authorization and user management service that mediates access to data, servers and applications.

    Our experts can perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing business applications, identifying suitable candidates for RBAC implementation. As these are already operating in the cloud, we can quickly integrate AWS-native RBAC functionality through AWS Amplify, bolstering your cloud cybersecurity. For applications that are not on the cloud, we also offer a range of custom application modernization services, making Trianz your one-stop shop for all things digital on AWS.

  • Automated RBAC operating frameworks – We have covered the why, but you also need an operating framework to determine how you should implement RBAC. Each department will have its own requirements and certain employees may muddy the waters by requiring customized access roles. Then, you have external contractors who may need limited access to your network, further complicating this process.

    Our experts can help you devise a plan of action. We understand that role-based access will not cater to all your business requirements, and so we can help you design a custom framework to fulfill these needs. Thankfully, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to deliver industry-leading custom RBAC frameworks on AWS. This framework will determine how AWS should automate your RBAC roles, meaning proper configuration is essential for the long-term security of your network.

Easily Manage Permissions to Improve Security and Regulatory Compliance

There are many benefits to automatic role-based access control on AWS. These controls can be implemented at the account- or department-level and aim to minimize provisioning to mitigate the risk of a data breach.

Automated RBAC comes with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced administrative burden – When a new employee joins your business, they will need their network user account to be set up. This would require each account to be assigned to groups that grant access to applications, servers and data sets. Doing this manually would create a massive administrative burden for your IT department, negating the benefits of moving to the cloud.

    With automated RBAC, you can set up new accounts and manage existing ones more efficiently. Pre-defined IAM roles and groups can be assigned to accounts quickly, expediting the onboarding process for new staff. This also minimizes the risk of human error by automatically assigned privileges during the account creation process.

  • Regulatory compliance – During the account set-up process, employees need to be given enough access to fulfill their job role without overprovisioning. If you overprovision access, you run the risk of unauthorized employees accessing sensitive data. In most cases, this would not cause a security breach, but in rare circumstances, malicious internal entities could wreak havoc on your network.

    With automated RBAC, you can minimize overprovisioning to protect your sensitive corporate information. This will help you achieve regulatory compliance by properly governing access to your data. You will also maintain a positive brand image in the eyes of potential customers with proper cybersecurity, helping you to stand out from competitors.

Control your cloud with Trianz

The cloud revolutionized enterprise computing back during its true inception in 2006 with Amazon Web Services. Since then, the velocity of technological innovation has significantly improved the functionality and value of enterprise IT networks. Still, these cutting-edge networks are susceptible to attackers, making solutions like automated RBAC essential for modern enterprises. Our experts deliver industry-leading security consulting services on AWS, thanks in part to our Advanced Consulting Partner Status on the platform.

RBAC should have an essential role in your cybersecurity strategy. Get in touch with our experts to start leveraging these cloud-native security solutions today.

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