Legacy data warehousing solutions are quickly becoming outdated, as new cloud-native competitors emerge with better solutions. Established enterprises can’t simply lift and shift to a new target environment due to incompatibilities between the source and target environment. This creates a requirement for data migration tools, adding to the complexity and cost of upgrading your aging data warehouse.

When moving away from on-prem database solutions like Oracle DB, the migration process can be complicated. Thankfully, Amazon has created a solution in the form of the AWS Relational Database Service (RDS). This service can help enterprises to set up, operate and scale a new relational database management system (RDBMS) on the AWS cloud.

At Trianz, our experts work closely with our clients to help them leverage new, innovative cloud database solutions. Our AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status allows us to deliver comprehensive, industry-leading consulting services on the platform, including fully-managed IT Operations Management(ITOM) and Data-as-a-Service(DaaS) solutions.

On-prem to AWS RDS migration services with Trianz

Trianz is a leading AWS database migration assessment and execution provider that has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies leverage the benefits of cloud data warehousing. Our expert database migration consultants can step in at any stage of your migration journey to help you execute your database migration on AWS.

We offer a range of on-prem-to-AWS database migration services, including:

  • Data warehouse migration – Imagine a real-world warehouse. If you wanted to move to a different location, you would need to move every single product you store, dismantle any equipment used to store those products, and rebuild and restock at the new location. The process repeats itself when migrating data between a source and target environment.

    Trianz experts take the complexity out of your AWS data migration. We have helped numerous clients migrate from legacy data warehousing solutions like Netezza and Oracle by leveraging AWS RDS. The AWS RDS supports numerous database types, including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB.

  • AWS multi-AZ for business-critical workloads - Highly confidential information stored in the cloud will need extra care and attention to ensure its integrity, validity and availability, making specialist solutions like AWS Multi-AZ an ideal candidate. Multi-AZ taps into the AWS RDS service, distributing your sensitive data sets across multiple Availability Zones (AZ). This ensures that in the event of a disaster, there is always a backup of your data available.

    Our experts can help you migrate to a Multi-AZ resilience solution on AWS. These Multi-AZ deployments work across the PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB database engines, and automatically replicate in the background without additional input.

Streamlined Transition from On-Prem to Cloud Databases

Traditional data warehousing solutions are slow, clunky and mostly incompatible with numerous other features present in the cloud. There are many benefits for your business when migrating your database to AWS from on-prem, including:

  • Elastic scalability – Traditional IT infrastructure is a bottleneck for growing enterprises, due to the non-scalable nature of on-prem server infrastructure. This means that as your database grows, processing capacity remains the same, limiting your business growth.

    AWS offers elastic scaling functionality for compute and storage nodes. This decouples database processing workloads to allow for more cost-effective IT operations in the cloud. When you get close to maximum capacity, AWS will automatically provision more resources to meet demand. Once this demand falls, provisioning will drop to reduce your operating expenditure on AWS RDS.

  • Improved disaster recovery and resilience – When storing data on-prem, the data is held in a single location. This goes against the 3-2-1 backup rule, where three copies of your data are stored in two locations, with one location being offsite. By not following this rule, you are increasing the risks associated with data loss and disasters.

    The cloud allows you to follow the 3-2-1 rule by offering platform-native replication across multiple geographical locations. This distributes backups of your data sets in multiple data centers across the globe, improving your resilience in the face of a localized disaster. In the event of data loss, you can simply press a button and replicate to your primary infrastructure deployment, reducing the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). This minimizes the impact of disasters on business continuity and sustains high service uptime, making your customers happier.

Migrate from on-prem to AWS RDS with Trianz

On-prem infrastructure used to rule the roost, but the AWS cloud has caused a massive paradigm shift in enterprise computing. Lower costs and better performance are the main contributing factors, making AWS the ideal platform for big data warehousing workloads. Our experts offer a comprehensive database migration service on AWS, leveraging platform-native tools like AWS RDS and Multi-AZ.

Infrastructure should be able to grow with your business. Leave the static on-prem world behind and migrate to the elastic cloud with Trianz today.

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