Cybersecurity is the top priority for any organization. Lax cybersecurity can put both your business and loyal customers at risk – there is a risk of trade secret leaks for a business and the sensitive personally identifiable information for customers that could be sold on dark web markets. When these breaches are discovered, the negative impact on your reputation, besides regulatory fines, will significantly hinder your business.

At Trianz, we understand the importance of positive public perception. Prospective customers are much less likely to purchase your products or services if they can’t trust your cybersecurity practices. With regulations like GDPR and CCPA highlighting and promoting the importance of data protection, the negative impact of a security breach will only increase as time goes on. Our experts work closely with our clients to develop watertight cloud-native solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate cybersecurity on AWS.

AWS Security Automation Services from Trianz

Trianz is a leading security automation assessment and implementation provider that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients to automate their cybersecurity endeavors in the cloud. Our expert team of 100+ cloud security professionals has extensive experience and knowledge of cloud security automation, guaranteeing the successful implementation of your solution on AWS.

We offer a range of AWS cloud security automation services, including:

  • AWS Automated Security Monitoring and Detection – Our security monitoring and detection services are designed to minimize the risk of a security breach on AWS. AI and ML can identify more correlations and patterns in data than a human, and much more quickly.

    Our team will perform a full assessment of your AWS cloud deployment, identifying areas of concern and opportunities for optimization. From here, we will curate an optimal solution from one of our close partners, tailored to your business requirements.

  • AI- and ML-based Remediation – Infinite scalability, high reliability and lower operating costs make AWS the perfect platform for artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. These AI and ML security automation tools can be set up to remediate security problems within your defined parameters automatically.

    Our experts will help you find the right balance, by automating low-level security events while still being cautious of the teething problems associated with this new technology. These tools will only grow more capable with time—but in the meantime, some tasks are best left to a human. Trianz experts can step in to assist with these more complicated security events. AI will handle the rest of the work, forming a comprehensive security solution for our clients on AWS.

  • User Permissions (IAM) – When you think of a cybersecurity breach, you imagine a malicious attacker trying to break into your network. While external attacks are becoming increasingly common, the biggest threat is your internal staff. Many staff will trigger a breach by pure accident, but these attacks can also be orchestrated maliciously by those with sufficient security elevation.

    The AWS platform offers a technology called identity access management (IAM), which allows you to limit access to data, servers and applications. These restrictions can be imposed on individual user accounts or entire departments, preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive information. Our experts can automate the configuration of new user accounts by categorizing them and enforcing IAM rules during the account setup phase. This will ensure that new staff is given enough permission to fulfill their job role without overprovisioning and increasing the risk of a security breach.

Automated Monitoring & Remediation Powered by AI & ML

One of the greatest benefits of operating in the cloud is being able to use automation tools. These tools use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to intelligently predict and automatically remediate common security problems.

This technology comes with many benefits, including:

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring – With legacy infrastructure, monitoring is typically performed by viewing email alerts. For every networking event, a timestamped log is created, detailing what happened. A team of IT administrators will need to view these throughout the day and manually remediate any problems that arise. This poses a risk of human error, leading to missed alerts that allow problems to manifest in the background.

    With AI and ML, the monitoring system never sleeps. These technologies will continuously assess and identify correlations between common network problems, giving IT departments the insight needed to manage their cloud cybersecurity proactively.

  • Automated Remediation – The crown jewel of security automation is the automatic remediation of common security problems. Previously, legacy infrastructure would require human input to resolve problems. Many of these problems would be low-level events, distracting IT teams from more essential cybersecurity issues.

    With AI and ML, you can automate the remediation of these common, low-level security problems. Additionally, AI and ML can perform proactive prevention to prevent these problems from recurring. This will free up time for your IT department to focus on more pressing matters, improving business efficiency.

Automate AWS Security with Trianz

With the introduction of the cloud, enterprise computing was revolutionized. Despite this, the cloud is still susceptible to malicious attackers. Our cloud security automation services on AWS allow you to leverage the benefits of the cloud, with the added reassurance that your sensitive corporate data is protected.

Don’t leave it to chance—automate your security operations and bolster your cybersecurity on AWS by getting in touch with our experts.

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