Managing a distant, yet integrated, infrastructure

Having a transparent bird’s eye view of its business has been, till recently, a difficult ask for any enterprise. More so for digitally transformed ones since they require infrastructure running with different stacks, at different maturity levels, and in different geographies. Not surprisingly, organizations are increasingly seeking out infrastructure management services companies to help them fulfill this ask.

At Trianz, we specialize in making varied infrastructures work in tandem while following internationally accepted norms, standards and guidelines to complete a task/process. Our Infrastructure Managed Services have been specifically developed to remotely run infrastructure by ‘keeping the lights on.’ Our infrastructure management consulting mantra is that data centers, storage farms, servers, networks, and other infrastructure layers should be able to manage themselves on their own, or require minimal human intervention. That said, as an Infrastructure as a Service provider known for our IT infrastructure management consulting and services, we place equal importance on continuously monitoring, updating, patching, servicing and managing infrastructure at an optimal cost.

An enterprise’s infrastructure should be a vehicle for innovation, not an obstacle to it. To drive your business forward without the burden of costly investment and maintenance, Trianz’ remote infrastructure services provide your business that top-level, scalable technology and the expertise to go with it.

Partnering with Trianz, therefore, gives you the following advantages:

  • Increased system productivity and efficiency
  • Increased resource utilization
  • SLA- and KPI-based delivery and measurement of processes
  • Better availability of services, infrastructures and applications
  • Higher employee and client satisfaction levels
  • Lower risk
  • Availability of additional bandwidth for innovation

Digitalization is compelling enterprises to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud. As a result, cloud infrastructure management services are all the rage these days.

Most IT infrastructure management companies/firms help IT leaders identify gaps in their current processes, implement standard processes/methods, improve the performance of a remote or integrated infrastructure, and make the infrastructure (and processes) more agile and scalable.

Trianz does these and some more. We advise IT leaders on existing best practices, suggest improvement areas, recommend strategic KPIs to monitor, and build a clear roadmap for adoption of new technologies to make the underlying infrastructure more agile and scalable. We also craft cost estimation models to help CIOs, CFOs, and IT managers optimize their existing investments in infrastructure management.

And we don’t stop there! Trianz also assists in the implementation of new tools and processes, the development and deployment of best-in-class processes, in improving environment availability, and in the management and running of best-in-class processes and SLA/KPI-based environments.