Why Should You Focus on Your ITSM Strategy?

Without an effective ITSM strategy, organizations struggle with unintended outages resulting in negative business impacts, including potential revenue loss. In addition, they experience increased call volume due to inadequate or broken processes that aren’t aligned with industry standards and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) frameworks.

The end-user experience suffers because of a lack of transparency regarding request status and next steps — and employee satisfaction plummets because of longer fulfillment and resolution times.

Developing and deploying a comprehensive strategy creates opportunities to:

  • Establish process maturity model indicators

  • Provide current state analysis including strengths, key observations and recommendations

  • Increase service availability, thereby improving customer experience

  • Optimize IT spend

  • Turn IT into a strategic business partner

  • Improve employee experience through self-service offerings and established feedback mechanisms

Why Should You Focus on Your ITSM Strategy

Our Approach

Through our transformative, data-driven approach, we quantify expected improvements and establish mature metrics that are critical for success. We assess your organization’s IT landscape from multiple perspectives through interviews with different stakeholders. We also examine the current state of ITSM processes and capabilities within your organization and provide a strategic roadmap to support future business needs.

Our Approach

To accomplish this, we take the following steps:

  • Assess current process maturity through questionnaires, client interviews and existing process documentation

  • Identify strengths, opportunities and recommendations

  • Conduct interviews with staff and vendors regarding current processes and tools

  • Analyze ticket data to assess process compliance and establish opportunities to mature the organization

  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap to align current processes with ITIL and industry best practices

  • Evaluate current ITSM platforms/toolsets and their capabilities to provide a service management solution that is integrated with other business and IT functions


As digitalization marches forward, infrastructure becomes a dynamic and critical component to the transformation equation. A sound and well-implemented infrastructure strategy will reap significant, long-lasting rewards, including much-needed agility and cost optimization.

What Our Research Tells Us About Other Companies’ Infrastructure Capabilities

Trianz’ research organization has collected data from over 5,000 plus companies from 20 industries. We have spoken to business and IT leaders across the enterprise to understand what digitalization means to them, where they think they are, how they are prioritizing, and how they execute.

Digital Enterprise Evolution Model™ for Infrastructure Management

A Visualization of Analytics

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ITSM Maturity Model

A Visualization of Analytics

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ITSM Strategic Outcomes

While the specific ITSM solutions are unique to each organization, the right strategy will ensure that your business can quickly scale, adapt, modernize and apply advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of customers and employees.

In one case, Trianz engaged on a multi-year contract with a leading global engineering firm. The client was leveraging multiple ITSM platforms with siloed processes supporting more than 75,000 users worldwide leading to longer resolution and fulfilment times thereby resulting in poor customer experience.

Our strategy involved starting with a detailed analysis of the current state followed by data-driven analysis, stakeholder interviews, and workshops to arrive at the optimal target state process and technology solutions.

The result was streamlined processes across the ITSM functions with automation of numerous services including employee onboarding, provisioning, self-healing incidents, auto fulfillment of user requests, and a self-service portal, to name a few. The outcome of this engagement yielded reduced labor costs, faster speed of service, increased customer satisfaction and user experience.

ITSM Strategic Outcomes

Our ITSM experts have helped hundreds of clients to:

  • Streamline ITSM processes across the organization

  • Provide greater visibility and transparency for all ITSM and IT operations

  • Improve the productivity of existing support staff through repeatable processes and automation

  • Enhance the experience of both customers and employees, which will result in increased satisfaction

Experience the Trianz Difference

Trianz is a leading IT services firm with decades of experience helping clients overcome application management pitfalls. We have partnered with several industry leading application platforms to offer expert assessment and implementation services for these platforms to maximize the availability and performance of your business applications.

Powered by knowledge, research, and perspectives, we enable clients to transform their business ecosystems and achieve superior performance by leveraging infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms.

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