We help leaders and organizations reimagine value to stakeholders and transform with digital technologies.

Combining a data-driven approach with deep business and technology experience, we craft innovative strategies and achieve impactful outcomes.


  • Transformations are Darwinian.

    Transformations are Darwinian.

    We help clients evolve systematically.

    In this perfect storm of a technology revolution, a global pandemic, deep recession and changing customer priorities, it is important to get things right the first time.

    Using 1.5 million datapoints from 5,000+ organizations, Trianz has developed a Digital Enterprise Evolution Model (DEEM) to help clients understand the patterns of digital evolution, prioritize correctly, and execute successfully to achieve stakeholder impact and rejuvenate their businesses.

  • It is Easy to Give Opinions

    It is Easy to Give Opinions.

    We lead transformations with data.

    Digital disruption is discontinuous, global, and invisible until it is too late. We have analyzed data on transformative visions, current status, priorities, technologies, leadership, and human change to understand why only 7% of companies succeed in transforming and 93% fail.

    Proven models and a data-driven approach to strategy, operations transformation, experience design, and technology implementations power our clients’ success.

  • You Have Promises to Keep

    You Have Promises to Keep.

    We create experiences that exceed expectations.

    Digital champions – the 7% of companies that are the most successful in their transformations – understand that with every new model, product or service comes the challenge of delivering on a new promise.

    By transforming your value chain, we can help create connected, consistent, and endearing experiences for your customers, employees, regulators, influencers, and leaders.

  • Digital is Multi-disciplinary

    Digital is Multi-disciplinary.

    We bring an extensive portfolio of business technology capabilities.

    Powered by research, perspectives and experience, we help clients transform their business ecosystems by leveraging our capabilities in infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, and security paradigms.

    For four years in a row, Trianz has been rated #1 by clients for predictable execution. 94% of our engagements are delivered on time.

  • Technology is a Given

    Technology is a Given.

    We are rated #1 for business impact.

    Being born in the Silicon Valley, and as a partner with tech giants in the cloud, analytics, digital applications, IT operations and security platforms, we have delivered cutting-edge technology capabilities for two decades.

    However, what we’re most proud of is being rated #1 by our clients for business impacts resulting from their transformation initiatives. It is not about ‘technology for technology’s sake’ but about outcomes that matter.

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