Achieve Customer Success with Salesforce and Trianz

Salesforce leads the world in enterprise CRM solutions with its comprehensive suite of integrated, customer success-focused applications:

Customer service

Marketing automation


Application development

With more than 150,000 customers and a 20% market share, Salesforce represents the best-of-breed, cloud-based CRM solution in the market today, according to Cloudwars.

We understand that they best way to leverage Salesforce is not by changing how you work to fit the tool, or even to align the tool to how you work today. Our approach examines how you should work tomorrow, based on data-driven industry insights and broad experience with digital transformations.

Journey mapping is used to identify key actions that can optimize processes and improve performance. We ensure data consistency within Salesforce, and with your other cloud platforms, and legacy on-prem systems. We focus on adoption because many features of CRM are well-designed but seldom used by teams, and therefore have little impact.

Our expert team of consultants can engage at any stage in your digital transformation journey to assess and implement performance-proven technology solutions that drive business growth.

We work with clients at various stages of Salesforce adoption, focused on driving improvements aligned with their business goals and Salesforce implementation services.

Achieve Customer Success with Salesforce

Our Approach

Our specialists work closely with Salesforce engineers to address issues and solve potential problems early on. Based on our experience with hundreds of enterprise-level digital transformations, we can offer unparalleled stability and efficiency during the transition.

Our technical and business expertise covers the following Salesforce platforms:

Sales Cloud

We will implement Salesforce Sales Cloud according to how you want your sales teams to work. Our focus is on enabling collaboration, providing data quality, and ensuring the art of selling is not inhibited by the tools.

Service Cloud

Successful implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud is achieved by customizing the platform to support how customers want to work with you. Trianz experts will strive to link the tool to that vision.

Marketing Cloud

You can maximize the value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud as the ultimate tool for customer engagement. Our clients have used our customized versions of this platform to provide personalized marketing that increases ROI by 25% and higher.

Salesforce Integration Services

Modern software is cloud based, with Salesforce as a leading example. As more enterprises adopt a multi-cloud strategy, they must also develop processes to enable data integration between the platforms.

Trianz has expertise in all the key competencies necessary to effectively bridge the gap:

  • Planning, building, and migrating information and processes

  • Developing secure data interconnection protocols

  • Creating effective data analytics design and reporting

Trianz has experienced multi-platform developers who have years of expertise in coding across languages and systems to ensure that integrations are fast and bug free.

Harness the Power Of Our Experts to Level-Up Your Apps
Application Modernization

Salesforce Application Management

How do you drive improvements after your initial rollout and stabilization? Our transformational application management team is the answer for Salesforce platforms. We combine core, user support excellence with automation and monitoring to reduce cycles and achieve incremental improvements.

AI-savvy companies are reassigning important but mundane tasks by using smart tools like sales chatbots. By integrating with AI solutions such as Salesforce Einstein, a company can plug in their data and receive a sales model that is tailored to their organization.

Our Methodologies and Frameworks

Our data-driven decision process and best-in-class capabilities will ensure your Salesforce platforms stay aligned with your latest business direction. We provide a comprehensive set of modern digital transformation methodologies to ensure that your Salesforce platform is successful.

Digital Studio

User-centric, agile approach is essential to ensuring your sales, service and marketing experiences align with end user needs. Key features of our digital studio capabilities include:

  • Design-focused thinking to drive innovation

  • Stakeholder journey mapping to prioritize most important experiences

  • Persona research to understand user needs based on roles.

Harness the Power Of Our Experts to Level-Up Your Apps
Application Modernization

Data Quality, Consistency and Governance

In addition to automating key processes, another high-value benefit of a Salesforce platform is the continuous collection of data needed by management. To deliver data quality, consistency and governance, we deliver:

  • Holistic source of truth analysis across clouds and platforms ensures the right data flows to the right sources.

  • Data-driven governance based on your business requirements, not on the tool or user behavior.

  • Automated regression testing ensures data quality, so you can trust your management dashboards.

Agile Methodologies

We execute using best practices aligned with agile methodologies to enhance the consistency and maturity of your enterprise development standards. Key features of our agile methodology include:

  • DevOps to unify IT skills and teams

  • Program management tools to accurately track and manage execution

  • Faster velocity to learn quickly and reduce risk by failing quickly you learn what is truly needed and knowing that reduces risk. The risk of executing a big long program and missing the mark

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Alignment With Business Needs

Legacy platforms met the business needs of yesterday, but the demands of today's post-pandemic business world require new ways of thinking and doing. We will ensure:

  • Coordination with key business sponsors ensures IT and the business are aligned.

  • Leading-edge security provides the confidence to aggressively embrace beneficial partnerships.

  • Expertise outsourcing, global delivery processes, and core vs. context analysis are key considerations.

Impacts to Your Business

Salesforce platforms impact your most critical customer-facing processes and our customer-focused approach ensures success.

User adoption

Data-driven tracking to understand how to target user groups with the right messaging and training on how to engage the laggards.

Collaboration and data collection techniques to ensure teams follow your standards and are working at their best.

Make better decisions

Our focus enables data-driven decisions for forecasts, release planning, and campaign design and coordination.

Forward-looking analysis ensures the platform continues to exceed current needs.

User experience focus

Leverage the full development capabilities of Salesforce to create totally unique experiences that employees and customers will want to use.

Provide mobile capabilities to allow users to interact anytime, from anywhere.

Superior support and platform management

Using data, we identify how to reduce incidents and improve user satisfaction. Our approach minimizes investment in support, enabling new transformations.

Why Trianz?

Trianz is a leading customer relationship management consulting firm with decades of experience helping clients to find and retain customers with the assistance of CRM platforms like Salesforce. Through our close partnership with Salesforce, we offer comprehensive assessment and integration services that maximize both, customer attraction and retention.

Get in touch with our customer relationship management consultants and start delivering industry-leading customer experiences with Trianz and Salesforce today.

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