Docupace is a technology company built for the financial services and wealth management industry. For over 20 years, they’ve dedicated their resources to solving the most frustrating and time-consuming problems that advisors, broker-dealers, and RIAs face on a daily basis.

Docupace is based in Los Angeles, CA. Their team creates the leading universal workflow and document management automation software choice for financial service and wealth management firms and their advisors everywhere.


  • Understanding and estimating potential cloud consumption

  • Plan with milestones for progressive transition to AWS

  • Cloud end-state design for each platform with-in the portfolio

  • Impact of change per platform

  • Roadmap and effort estimates required to migrate or modernize.

  • Optimized posture of security, operations, DevOps with cost-saving


  • Software-driven discovery of the infrastructure supporting current platform.

  • Top-down analysis of their platform portfolio to understand the R pathway for each platform and components.

  • Cloud compatibility analysis for current security, operations, and DevOps

  • Perform required cost estimation for cloud-native services.

  • Licensed optimization - eliminate hardware-dependent (ECS) or vendor solutions (Graylog) in favor of cloud-native services (S3 and CloudWatch)


Considering customer preferences and requirements, Trianz proposed an applications portfolio assessment combining software-driven, bottom-up analysis using followed by top-down analysis performed by cloud experts.

  • Software-driven discover approach leveraged Concierto to identify infrastructure dependencies and capacity requirements.

  • Expert-driven validation and assessment of current infrastructure usage application module at a time

  • Performing top-down analysis of their application portfolio to understand the R pathway for each application.

  • Refinement and depiction of the current-state architecture for each of the platform and it’s components.

  • Mapping current security, operations, and Devops posture for AWS

  • Performing cost comparisons between best-of-breed and cloud-native solutions

  • Cloud compatibility and feasibility of eliminating legacy licensed components in favor of cloud-native services.


  • Container Orchestration

  • Enterprise Database

  • Second-level Cache

  • Security Solutions

  • DevSecOps solutions

  • Storage

  • Integration

  • Network

  • Monitoring and Load Balancer

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Transformational Effects

  • Business case for cloud migration and modernization

  • Landing zone design for organizational cloud operations

  • Phased roadmap with right-sized end-state architecture for each phase.

  • Clear understanding of areas for cost savings and how they are achieved.

  • Eliminating underutilized resources and optimizing licensing costs

  • Optimization for storage and security solutions

  • Design for security, operational, and DevOps posture with cloud-native solutions

  • Design that enables fault tolerance and disaster recovery capabilities

Published: 2023-12-22

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