Alfresco Deployment on the AWS Cloud for a Fortune 100 Insurance Company

Trianz was approached by a Fortune 100 insurance company looking for help with its Alfresco documentation management platform. It was seeking to migrate Alfresco from an on-premises environment to the AWS cloud to simplify documentation management, collaboration, auditing, and compliance.

Business Challenges for the Fortune 100 Insurer with Documentation, Collaboration, and Compliance


As the Alfresco deployment was on-premises, the client was struggling with performance bottlenecks and scalability limitations. As a recourse, the insurance client wanted to migrate to the AWS cloud.

The AWS cloud environment would need to be flexible and agile to accommodate the client’s documentation management and enterprise collaboration requirements.

Technology Components Chosen for the Insurance Company by Trianz

After assessing the current-state and future requirements for the insurance client, Trianz decided on the following technology components:

  • AWS Cloud was the cloud service platform (CSP) of choice, with broad and varied features across compute, data, networking, and cybersecurity.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux was the operating system (OS) of choice, as it allowed for unmatched flexibility and agility thanks to the customizability and modularity of the Linux kernel.

  • Alfresco was already selected as a content management system (CMS) to connect, manage, and secure important enterprise documentation.

  • MySQL was chosen as a relational database management system (RDBMS) thanks to its querying performance and response times.

  • Elastic Bamboo was adopted to expedite run builds using compute resources on the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

  • The Java programming language was used as it is a critical dependency for Alfresco.

  • SharePoint was selected as an intranet and content collaboration solution to share and host internal documentation.

  • BMC Remedy was selected to orchestrate all IT service management processes and principles on the new AWS cloud architecture.

    How Trianz Helped the Fortune 100 Insurance Company to Deploy Alfresco on AWS

    Trianz started by analyzing the servers required for the new Alfresco content repository. These analyses were revisited at the development, quality assurance, staging, and production phases to ensure we adhered to the project roadmap.

    Alfresco itself was upgraded from version 4.2 to version 5.0.3, before existing content was migrated to the new Amazon EC2 architecture. Next, Alfresco was reconfigured and optimized around the new EC2 architecture to enhance performance and scalability.

    Application integration using Web Service APIs came next, enhancing support across all lines of business for applications and third-party systems.

    Finally, a two-week evaluation period took place to ensure the live environment met expectations and fulfilled all project milestones. This included a Hypercare support phase, and knowledge transfer to the client’s enterprise content management (ECM) support team and personnel.

    Transformational Effects For the Fortune 100 Insurer After Migrating Alfresco to the AWS Cloud

    After migrating Alfresco to the AWS cloud, the insurance client reduced costs significantly while also enhancing its regulatory and legal compliance capabilities. The cost savings came thanks to the economical nature of public cloud infrastructure, using compute nodes and pay-as-you-go billing models.

    File sharing and collaboration was streamlined as existing business and IT services used Alfresco as a centralized ECM system.

    By upgrading Alfresco, valuable new documentation management capabilities were enabled with version 5.0.3.

    Task management and workflow management frameworks were redeveloped to drive consistency and efficiency across all lines of business.

    The IT department now has complete control over security and data access thanks to AWS role-based access control (RBAC) policies on EC2. The insurance company also had flexibility as it could choose between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or private AWS instances, depending on future requirements.

    The most impactful transformation was around metadata and full-text search functionality, allowing employees across the business to drill deeper into datasets and form more comprehensive insights.

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