Real Estate Logistics Company Seeks Dynamic Visualized Analytical Dashboards

Trianz was approached by a real estate logistics client that needed assistance with visualized analytics. The client needed dynamic visualized analytical dashboards to replace an aging 100+ page PDF document that had become more of a hinderance than a help.

Business Challenges for the Real Estate Logistics Company


The client was storing earnings preparations in a 100+ page PDF document, which every employee and stakeholder had access to. This meant answers to questions were not readily available during public presentations.

The real estate logistics company needed to replace this PDF solution with a flexible and adaptable data visualization analytics platform. This would enable faster queries compared to the PDF document and lower the barrier of entry to analysis thanks to visual dashboards and charts.

Technology Components Selected by Trianz

After consulting with the real estate client, Trianz decided on the following technology components:

  • Tableau was selected as an analytical reporting and visualization tool. This would allow stakeholders and employees to take structured data, visualize it, and share insights with colleagues.

  • AWS Virtual Cloud Servers were chosen to provide virtual machines in the cloud that could be interfaced with using Denodo, acting as compute nodes for analytical querying workflows.

  • Snowflake was chosen as a data warehousing and data lake solution.

  • Denodo Virtualization technology enabled data abstraction, integration, and virtualization in partnership with AWS Virtual Cloud Servers using Snowflake as a data repository.

    How Trianz Helped the Real Estate Logistics Client to Enable Visualized Analytics in Tableau

    Trianz started by condensing the 100+ page PDF source file into a 3-tab dynamic analytics dashboard. This allowed teams to evaluate multiple metrics across multiple dimensions, geographies, and timeframes, greatly improving the depth and breadth of generated insights.

    Next, operating parameters were established to enable employees to create dynamic dashboards that can move vertically through data hierarchies. Data availability was greatly improved using Snowflake, easily surpassing the previous PDF solution.

    Transformational Effects After Replacing PDFs with Tableau Visualizations

    After adopting Tableau and Snowflake, the real estate logistics company’s stakeholder team could generate more valuable insights around company performance, competitor trends, and product flow through the delivery pipeline.

    The field sales team had new access to a remote-friendly PowerBI solution, enabling mobile visualization dashboards that helped sales personnel to monitor key performance indicators relating to call activity.

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