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  • Rising complexity and costs in supporting and maintaining varied applications was turning out to be key business challenge for the client. There was a critical need to have flexibility to ensure data availability on time. Fragmented knowledge repository, lack of documentation, as well as inadequate tracking and controls were preventing in meeting the desired service levels.


  • L0 – 24 x 7 team – Single point of contact to business for any application issue or any ad hoc requests
  • L1 – 24 x 7 team – Monitoring team for all the applications and batch monitoring
  • L2 – 16 x 5 team – Support specialists for each application to address any specific issue
  • L3 – 8 x 5 team – Development and testing team to implement application enhancements
  • Defined standard process to improve the application stability & availability and to identify the continuous improvements
  • Created knowledge repository for better support and maintenance


With over night support model any issues that might come up in data processing, consolidation and reconciliation from multiple sources were addressed in time and ensured the data availability. Data availability at the right time is very crucial in taking the investment decisions that in turn will impact overall P&L of the organization

Co-sourcing engagement model with fixed cost team and a flexible variable team resulted in significant cost reductions. Dedicated onsite offsite team model with insight in key processes helped customer business analysts to focus on internal process improvements

The delivery model follows an SLA-driven approach incorporating customer feedback on a regular basis. There was a significant focus on process documentation, standardization of processes and continuous improvements

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