Implementation of centralized Software Asset Management (SAM) solution for a single source of truth

The client is one of the largest drinking water and wastewater utilities in the nation, with a network of nearly 5,742 miles of fresh water pipeline and over 5,546 miles of sewer pipeline. It was looking for a single platform to auto discover the assets and centrally manage the software assets & IT Service Management platform.

Business Challenge

The client didn’t have complete infrastructure dependency information, which was leading to multiple unplanned outages. It also lacked visibility into the business view of IT infrastructure and workstations scattered across different locations. Due to these issues, the client was unable to identify the risk before implementing the change as well as understand or manage complex licensing models and software lifecycle effectively. Additionally, there were increasing security threats and other risks due to unauthorized software installation by end-users.

Technology Components

  • ServiceNow, SCCM and Microsoft O365 Portal


  • Conducted workshops with various business units to gather requirements.

  • Designed a ServiceNow discovery architecture consisting of 2 MID servers to meet business and IT needs.

  • Designed a Daily Automated Discovery solution for nearly 4k devices across 22 locations.

  • Created software models for Microsoft & Oracle publishers; enabled normalization and reconciliation of software products; integrated SCCM to pull the software metering information and automated license harvesting; integrated the architecture with O365 Portal and imported the user subscriptions.

  • Configured dashboards and license expiry notifications.

Transformational Effects

  • Consolidated single source of reference, configuration data in CMDB with greater visibility into infrastructure components and its relationships to applications.

  • Gained better insights into data about software ownership and usage; re-harvested and re-allocated unused software licenses.

  • Enabled the tracking of overused licenses and compliant software using the publisher overview dashboards.

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