Implementing Big Data Analytics Solution to Drive Sales

A Fortune 500 storage systems and software company needed to draw insights from voluminous (~ 1PB/month) ‘call home’ data to optimize its service as well as drive technology refresh sales.

Business Challenge

The organization needed a highly scalable big data solution to leverage and draw insights from its ~1PB/month ‘call home’ data to optimize its services as well as drive technology refresh sales.

Technology Components

  • Hadoop

  • Oracle DSS

  • Pentaho ETL

The Approach

  • Built prototype and POCs to validate the end-state and the intended value promise of the proposed IT infrastructure

  • Established R&D track to validate the new technology ahead of the build cycles to provide appropriate design specifications and set the right user expectations

  • Managed the organizational change

  • Analyzed business and IT pain points to prioritize needs

  • Assessed big data and ‘traditional’ tools for data analysis

  • Supported execution architecture in the runtime for all client applications

  • Co-designed and co-developed ingestion, map reduce, REST interfaces, and OSS/ DSS reporting capabilities

  • Implemented flume ingestion and storage for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  • Developed REST interfaces for Hadoop data for external applications

  • Implemented Pentaho orchestration of the ecosystem

  • Co-developed Pentaho ETL to load data from Hadoop to Oracle DSS

  • Provided operational support after the solution rollout

Transformational Effects

  • Simplified consumption of client application data across different stakeholders

  • Created a scalable and adaptive environment for product changes in a timely manner with minimal impact

  • Enabled effective analysis of client application data to drive innovation

  • Enabled infrastructure management across IT & engineering layers to support large volume of client application data

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