A payment processing network operator supporting more than 725 million credit and debit card transactions globally faced an issue of visibility. Due to lack of insight into IT infrastructure and applications and an inability to assess critical incidents in real-time, the company was losing transactions and business. Further, multiple vendor products led to inconsistent support for enterprise monitoring and service management imperatives. Customer escalations were managed through manual spreadsheets, and exhaustive processes without proper catalog for managing software and hardware products added to the problem.

Working with key stakeholders, Trianz did an in-depth assessment of existing processes, tools, integration points, and data sources. We then enabled an automated business application mapping solution, as well as automated processes around network related service requests. We developed a custom solution to automate the consumer escalation process, and implemented a service catalog to auto-populate and auto-route requests based on the product. The process for managing incidents and service requests was also standardized and integrated with other client systems/applications for better, more efficient API based interaction.


Lack of visibility into IT infrastructure and business applications limited the ability to assess the business impact of critical incidents.


  • IBM Integrated Control Desk v7.5.1.3, Tivoli Application Dependency and Discovery Manager, BIRT
  • Oracle 11g
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) which is a CA tool


  • Developed a self-service service catalog to automate building of business applications in TADDM (Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager) through run-book automation.
  • Developed a custom solution that automated all the network-related service requests. Dynamically populates questions based on the request to minimize manual intervention and provide the implementation steps based on the answers provided.
  • Created a custom application and solution that automated the creation of customer escalations received through mail. This application was also built with custom reports and SLAs configured, aiding monitoring and ensuring SLAs were not missed.
  • Designed service catalogs for onboarding. Created automation scripts to pre-populate the values on the offering request, perform required validations on the offering request fields, and assign requests to various groups based on business requirements.


  • Enabled business view of IT infrastructure and applications
  • Eliminated manual processes for improved process efficiencies
  • Established integrity of CMDB data across the enterprise
  • Created predictable steady state support operation with strict adherence to SLAs
  • Streamlined new hire onboarding process, reducing manual effort
  • Allowed for preventive and corrective actions with real-time insight into business impact of critical incidents

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