Developing a Centralized Cash Logistics System

A leading security services company was facing issues with management and retrieval of cash logistics data across its global locations. The client needed a centralized system to streamline the process and effectively manage data.

Business Challenge

Complex and inconsistent customer data management processes across locations were hindering the client’s business and productivity. The database maintenance cost was also very high.

Technology Components

  • .NET Framework

  • Oracle Database 10g

The Approach

  • Implemented a pilot in one of the client’s locations and rolled out the solution across all branches in North America

  • Started the engagement with waterfall model which adopted the agile methodology later to speed up application development

  • Managed a dedicated Offshore Development Center for the engagement with specialized development and delivery teams

  • Provided training to all system users

Transformational Effects

  • Streamlined and automated cash logistics information processing

  • Automated money processing to improve productivity

  • Created multiple reporting features to cater to the requirement of different teams from - operations to senior management

  • Secured account information storage for the client’s customers

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