Building a collaborative workforce through robust infrastructure

An education-focused, non-profit organization needed to enable collaboration among its diverse workforce of educationalists, teachers, social workers and operations staff from remote locations by leveraging technology.

Business Challenge

The client needed to facilitate collaboration across its rank and file – especially in remote locations – to be able to expand its presence across the country, while strengthening its workforce count.

Technology Components

Oracle PeopleSoft & AWS


  • Validated and finalized the cloud strategy for Oracle PeopleSoft implementation with the client.

  • Led the assessment of the application stack for readiness.

  • Discussed the assessed data with two cloud service providers and mapped infrastructure to services offered by these providers. The process involved mapping attributes such as:

    • Operating systems comprised of Windows and Red Hat Linux

    • Oracle Technology Stack

    • Database services relying on Oracle, RDS options

    • Notification systems based on standard SMTP services, email systems, and other push notifications

    • Licensing models for a pay-as-you-go approach

  • Followed up the assessment for selecting the right cloud platform with a roadmap development for a full-scale implementation including architecting a pioneering Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution, planning the project and driving the implementation cycle.

Transformational Effects

  • Scaled up infrastructure fuelling business growth for the client.

  • Reduced execution efforts significantly due to the inherent nature of the cloud.

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