Creating a HIPAA-Compliant Environment

A US-based healthcare start-up was facing challenges in maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure as per compliance standards. It was also facing problems in protecting sensitive PHI.

Business Challenge

The client needed to deploy a cloud solution that can enable infrastructure audit trails, support HIPAA- compliant infrastructure on the cloud, address security concerns with regard to sensitive PHI, and bring about cost-sensitive deployment.

Technology Components

  • Encrypted database – AWS RDS

  • Cloud API log – Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudTrail

  • IP whitelisting – AWS VPC Security Group

  • Host-based firewalls – iptables

  • HTTPS – SSL Certificates


  • Directly imported available patient and pharmaceutical data into database.

  • Developed function to directly fetch data from health devices and feed into the system.

  • Created necessary interface for medical practitioners to upload data on day-to-day basis.

  • Dedicated compute resource for analytics to be deployed in final/ go-live version.

Transformational Effects

  • HIPAA-compliant AWS services used to set up infrastructure.

  • Deployed multiple levels of security to protect sensitive data.

  • Consolidated services to reduce cost.

  • Migrated and hosted solution on supported and managed application stack.

  • Maintained infrastructure audit trails using AWS services.

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