Migrating Host Applications on AWS

A global airfare consolidation services company was unable to resolve the technical, performance and reliability problems because of being hosted on a well-known cloud services platform.

Business Challenge

The client needed to meet its changing capacity demands through a 24x7 elastic monitoring and alerting mechanism, and create sufficient documentation for the entire application suite where its operations were hosted.

Technology Components

Windows, IIS, .Net, MS SQL, Application Load Balancers, Application Caching Engines, Web Application Firewall, Content Delivery Network, Enterprise DNS Services, Virtual Private Network, Audit Logs


  • Started with requirement gathering; proceeded to application performance management.

  • Deployed necessary architecture to ensure proper network design and implementation, code base lining, auto scaling, server bootstrapping, security implementation and load testing.

  • Established 24x7 monitoring and management system.

Transformational Effects

  • Adopted consultative approach to develop requisite architecture for customer infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) -- between customer, AWS and AWS Advanced Partner teams.

  • Hosted application on AWS, baselined and load tested to operate within requirements.

  • Auto scaled layers to meet changing performance needs.

  • Set up necessary infrastructure and documented service integration in detail.

  • Enabled 24x7 monitoring and support after go-live in October 2015.

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