RPA Managing Inbound Customer Service Requests

A leading financial services firm, managing investments of 400,000 people, was looking to automate the inbound request processing and updating of data in databases.

Business Challenge

  • The client's legacy mainframe applications were used by 300+ personnel for operations and maintenance tasks. Their customer service operation was struggling to cope up with the inbound customer requirements due to use of excel spreadsheets with complex business rules and manual processing of a large volume of requests from policyholders and investment advisors (details update, beneficiary details, calculate lump sum payments).

Technology Components

  • BluePrism, Dockers, Window servers, APIs and Scripts


  • Automated inbound request processing and update of data in databases

  • Broke down complex business rules to simple APIs and services

  • Streamlined operations and reduced manual efforts on review, validations and updations

Transformational Effects

  • Reduced average execution time from over 20 minutes to just 2 minutes

  • Improved process efficiency and reduced human errors

  • Streamlined customer experiences

  • The ROI is less than 2 months now

  • Estimated productivity improvements to the tune of $1.5 million annually

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