Comcast Seeks Centralized Reporting System

Trianz was approached by the global telecommunications giant Comcast, provider of television broadcasts, home broadband, and telephony services. Comcast was looking to build a customer survey analytics dashboard to nurture passive customers and monitor net promoter scores (NPS).

Business Challenges for Comcast with Passive Customers and NPS


Comcast needed help with the maintenance of extract-transform-load pipelines business intelligence within its call centers, customer experience analytics, and customer survey monitoring.

This would come together in a centralized reporting system to show NPS promoter, detractor, and passive customer metrics. NPS values would also be linked back to various business operations, providing insight to guide future business strategies.

Who Worked on the Project and What Were the Timescales?

A specialist team from Trianz adopted the Agile methodology throughout this project.

Comcast had a range of priorities across different business arms which the Trianz team had to balance. This included integrating the centralized reporting system with departmental IT systems in a staggered approach.

The Agile Development Approach Used by Trianz During This Project

Trianz worked with Comcast across the full development lifecycle for each dashboard. These dashboards are related to different business arms, such as the call center, and differing service offerings across broadcasting, broadband, and telephony.

The Trianz team integrated numerous third-party survey responses into the centralized reporting system. This enabled a centralized view of organization-wide NPS metrics and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

Transformational Effects for Comcast with its New Centralized Reporting System

After project completion, Comcast had new capabilities with its centralized reporting system.

Customer experience management was streamlined by greater visibility into KPIs and other metrics. Some metrics include relational net promoter scores, reliability, unique contact rates, and first call-in rates.

An enterprise-wide performance dashboard was also enabled, offering a centralized view of major metrics to all business stakeholders with future trend projections.

Trianz also configured eight box reports that run weekly and monthly. These unique dashboards showcase trends over a weekly and monthly basis to promote key stakeholder awareness and visibility into business performance.

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