Customer Survey Analysis Dashboards

Comcast is a telecommunication enterprise based in the US providing services like broadcasting and cable television, Home Internet and Telephone. Trianz was engaged for providing production support and maintenance of ETL and BI with Call center, Customer Experience Analytics and Customer Survey applications.

Business Challenge

  • Comcast was looking for a centralized reporting system on customer survey analysis like Net Promoter Scores(NPS) with Promoter Detractor and Passive customers.

  • Linking NPS values with various business operational systems on how their impact is

Project Team & Timelines

  • Methodology : Agile

  • Target timeline : Business prioritized releases.


  • Trianz was involved with the client on the complete development life cycle of dashboards

Transformational Effects

Trianz integrated the external third party survey responses and created a centralized view of organizational metrics. The Agent application now offers major Key Performance Indicators with the new reports:

  • Customer Experience :These reports offer metrics like Rnps, Reliability, Unique Contact Rate, First Call in Rate etc.

  • Enterprise Performance Dashboard: These dashboards offer a centralized view of major metrics with their trends

  • Monthly and Weekly 8 box Reports: A unique feature of these dashboards is to showcase trends to the senior management on week-over-week and month-over-month basis

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