General purpose Data Platform on Azure – a perfect solution for a true business scenario of “scale on demand”

A major insurance and reinsurance run-off claims resolution, reinsurance recovery provider needed a data platform to provide insights into insurance claims to better address fraud and the needs of their customers.

Business Challenge

The client needed a data platform to have a holistic view of Asbestos Claims that helps in understanding the claims processing. The platform should be scalable, easy to use and aid in self-service analytics.


Due to multiple files being processed from the law firms, claim center and acuity systems and given the complexity of data cleansing using MIOSoft (Data Quality Tool), we leveraged Azure PaaS Services.

Transformational Effects

  • Automation of data flow and transparency of relevant analytics to respective stakeholders.

  • Enable insights that help in closing long-pending Asbestos Claims and reduce the expenses incurred in handling these claims

  • A robust scalable data platform with a General Purpose Data Warehouse for analytics.

  • Enabled infrastructure management across IT and engineering layers that support client application data.

  • Provided reporting capability for users.

  • More meaningful data insights for the internal users for better decision-making.

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